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Moving into a new house is so exciting … until you remember that means you actually have to pack up and move all of your stuff. But moving onto your new property in Daybreak, Utah doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Here are Daybreak Living’s best life hacks for a painless moving process.

Moving Hacks for When You Buy a Home in Daybreak, Utah

Alternatives to Buying Boxes

Before you go out to buy a bunch of boxes, take stock of all of your suitcases and bags. Chances are, you can fit a lot more into them than you think. Plus, you won’t need to pack any of your bags away because you’ll be using them, creating less waste and mess during the unpacking process, and saving you money on boxes.

If your moving date is far down the road, start collecting smaller boxes, bags, and pouches you come across, such as

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No matter how much we love our pets, the fact is that not everyone does. If you’re trying to sell property in Daybreak, Utah that you’ve been sharing with a furry friend, there are some steps you’re going to want to take to ensure that your home appeals to everyone, not just animal lovers.

How to Sell Property in Daybreak, Utah with Pets

Odor Removal

Your nose may have become accustomed to the smells associated with pet ownership in your home, but buyers will be able to smell evidence of pets right away. And scented candles or air fresheners won’t cut it. Not only are some buyers put off by perfumey smells, but covering up pet odor is not nearly as effective as removing it.

To deodorize your home, start by replacing your air filters. Then you’re going to want to tackle the carpets, rugs,

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Is Utah's housing marketing starting to mirror that of San Francisco and the Bay Area?  According to, Utah has been deemed the "king of its national housing heat index".  Why is Utah such a desirable place to live amidst a world wide pandemic?  Utah boasts the nation's strongest pace of job growth, near rock-bottom unemployment rate, low mortgage rates, and low state and local taxes. When Covid-19 began, and working from home started to look more like a permanent solution to stopping the spread of the virus, many Bay Area residents started searching for a new place to live.  The East Bay Times reported that nearly 115,000 residents moved out of the Bay Area.  The situation was quite opposite for the state of Utah; people flocked here, but for

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When you think of Daybreak, Utah, homes, you might imagine spacious floor plans, lush green lawns and picket fences. And you'd be right! But that doesn't mean Daybreak Living is all about suburban living all the time. Our South Station Village area has both condos and townhomes for singles and couples who love urban living and don't need a 5,000-square-foot home.

Buy a House in Daybreak, Utah

The Daybreak Living concept is to be completely inclusive to all, no matter their age or family size. We want Daybreak to be just like a slice of Americana.

At the same time, we know that homebuyers have certain preferences when looking at homes for sale in Daybreak. For instance, our Garden Park Village is reserved for those 55 and older. Many of the

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Are you looking to purchase your dream home in Daybreak, Utah? Daybreak Living is here to help you pick the right property. You'll love being a part of this neighborhood. Each village comes landscaped with lush green spaces and fantastic scenery, with the majestic Oquirrh Lake at the center of it all. Not only that, you'll get integrated into a tight-knit community too.

Typically, homebuyers already have certain features in mind when scouting for a new house. However, this is not the case for everyone. If you happen to fall into the latter category, then you might want to have a list of things to look for to guide you in the selection process.

Your Next Home in Daybreak

What Are the Features of a Good House in Daybreak, Utah?

There are many elements, such as an

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High density housing is on the rise throughout Salt Lake County and has been for the past 10 years, but what affect has it had on the housing market, like single-family homes? The University of Utah did a study on this subject and found that the increase in high density housing actually increased the value of single-family homes.  The study concluded that Salt Lake County homes that were located within .5miles of new apartment complexes experienced a 10% annual increase in the average value.  This was in comparison to single-family homes located further away from apartment projects. The research also narrowed the findings into four quadrants and found that the most value occurred in "West" Salt Lake Country, which is comprised of Rose Park, West Valley

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The Covid-19 as a public health dilemma has changed every peron’s life in almost every aspect. It also altered businesses on a global scale and created havoc in the real estate sector. Hence, real estate agents in Daybreak Utah are taking bold steps to address each challenge along with this unprecedented crisis by proactively implementing reforms and new real estate systems that are reliable in terms of regular operations and how clients buy or sell homes.

Interventions are in place and little by little, this sector has adapted and strengthened its ways. But the common question still remains—how did realtors in Daybreak Utah successfully coped with the current pandemic? We’ve listed the top three most palpable ways:

How Realtors in Daybreak Utah Successfully Coped with the Current Pandemic?

Scaled-up Technology-

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HomeLight, a real estate referral company, surveyed more than 1000 real estate professionals nationwide asking them what they saw as the biggest housing issues for 2021. 

No surprise, the #1 issue...Inventory Shortages.  We saw 2020 leave us with this same issue so this shouldn't come as a shock.  The NAR (National Association of Realtors) reported that November 2020 had a 22% decrease in available homes compared to November 2019.  The Midwestern region of the US was the least affected by a housing shortage; the South Atlantic was the most affected. 

#2 Issue...Widely distributed vaccines to boost consumer confidence. Also not surprising is how Covid -19 has impacted the housing market.  Of the 1000 agents surveyed, 50% felt that a vaccine could

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While you might not be too concerned about flooding risks if you live in Utah, well away from the ocean or any coast, this would be a misplaced sense of security. Flooding is the single most common natural disaster in the US, regularly affecting homes in all 50 states, even those that are not near any major bodies of water – and it's something potential homebuyers should be taking into account.

At Daybreak Living, we're happy to offer a variety of realtor services for those looking to buy a home, including assistance with important property details and basics, a category potential flood risks belongs in. What are some of the qualities you should look for here as you do your due diligence on flooding and related areas while searching for a home? Here

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