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DCC Summer Launch Party

Kick off the 2019 summer season with a DCC pool party on June 1st from 12-2pm.  Information about the new aquatic programs (see below), treats, music, and more fun than you can handle...all FREE!  Don't forget to put this on your calendar!


Daybreak is partnering with USA Water Polo to introduce the sport of splashball, the non-contact version of water polo.  The focus will be on developing beginner swim concepts, stroke development, and water safety. This league will be offered at the Daybreak Community Center (DCC) Pool with 2 options for lessons. Each session will have 8 practices and potential games depending upon participation.  Sessions will be held on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 9-10am

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When touring and browsing potential new homes, areas like size, layout, appliances and others tend to be the top priority. These major areas define much of the home’s value and comfort, so naturally they’re among the first that are considered.

At Daybreak Living, we’re here to tell you about an underrated factor if you’re looking to buy a home: Natural light. The sun’s rays are both a primary heat source and a provider of major light and visibility throughout a given home, impacting areas ranging from basic aesthetics to health. Let’s go over why natural light matters, how you can assess the natural light in a prospective home, and your options for increasing natural light presence.

natural light new homes

Multiple Benefits of Natural Light

Natural light presence in

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The housing market looks a little different from beginning of May of 2018.  Check out the current market for May 2019

Current Market Supply

Number of homes active: 2,234

Change from last month: +3.62%

Change from last year: +15.87%


Number of Homes Listed

Number of listings last month: 2, 227

Change from previous month: +13.80%

Change from last year: +4.85%


Median Sales Price

Median sales price for last month: $323,500

Change from previous month: -.11%

Change from last year: +2.95%

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There's always something happening in Daybreak!  Update your calendar with the list of events below:

April 20- 10am - 2pm Hippity Hop Photo Op - Glass House

April 22nd - 10am - 11am - Groundbreaking of the Daybreak Branch of the County Library - 11358 Grandville Ave

Every Thursday - 5pm - 9pm Food Trucks - North Shore of Oquirrh Lake

May 11 - All Day- Daybreak Yard Sale

May 16th - SoDa Row Cruise Night - 5pm - SoDa Row

May 18th - 4pm - 6pm - Ladybug Festival - Eastlake Commons

June 1st - 9am - 1pm - Daybreak Farmer's Market- SoDa Row

June 7th 8pm - Get Down Tonight - Disco Tribute - 11247 Kestrel Rise Rd

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While not necessarily applicable in all sales, many home purchase situations include at least some of the major appliances that were already present in the house. If included as part of the sale, these items can play a fairly big role in the value of the home and the price you pay.

At Daybreak Living, we’ll help you understand everything you need to know about the appliances in any of our numerous homes for sale. One of the most important areas to consider if you’re buying a home with previous appliances is determining how much life these appliances have left – an element that could play a huge role in defining their value and whether you’re getting a good or bad deal. Here are some basics on the sorts of appliances you’re looking for here, how to

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You can never have too much green space in a neighborhood...Daybreak believes in providing just that within 5 minutes of every home.  Daybreak's newest park, Firefly Park, located in Heights Park Village (along Porcini Way and between Split Rock Dr. and Rain Lily Dr. ) may be best viewed after dark with. String lights, gathering and picnic places, play area for kids, and unique swings that extend over a drainage basin make this park very different from the other Daybreak parks. Firefly Park construction begins this spring and will be ready for family gatherings the end of 2019.   

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The third charity that goBE is supporting in honor of our 20 year Anniversary, is Empower Playgrounds Inc (EPI).  EPI's mission is to enhance educational opportunities for children in deprived villages of Ghana by providing renewable energy through electricity-generating playground equipment, LED lanterns, and hands-on science kits.  Founded in 2007, EPI has installed more than 40 merry-go-rounds at schools throughout Ghana, West Africa.  The merry-go-rounds produce renewable energy that charges lanterns, which provides light for children to study at home and in the classroom. How will goBe contribut to EPI?  At each of goBE's closings, our clients will be asked to chose amongst three charities that they would like to see us donate to. Upon our 100th

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If you’re considering various homes for sale, one of the most important areas you’ll be considering in each is the kitchen. Kitchens are not only some of the most central and foundational parts of most homes, they’re also those that tend to be among the top drivers of home and property value into the future.

At Daybreak Living, we’re here to help you with this and all other factors when it comes to buying a wonderful new home. Let’s look at some of the basics when it comes to the various kitchen styles you might encounter on your property search, including deciding which is best for you and your budget and making a final choice.

kitchen style new home

Kitchen Styles

In the modern day and age, there are numerous kitchen designs and styles that might be available to

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At Daybreak Living, our real estate agents are proud to serve all our clients who might be looking to list a property for sale. We can assist you with everything from evaluating the proper price listing based on the market to walking you through a smart marketing plan, and everything in between.

One common question we’re asked by sellers or potential future sellers: What kinds of remodeling or renovation projects can I complete that will raise my home’s value? And while there are several good answers here, there’s a flip side to this that isn’t considered as often – renovations that do not bring good resale value and should be avoided if you’re thinking about selling anytime soon. Here are a few of the top examples here.

renovations avoid selling home

Swimming Pool

While a

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Mascot Miracles Foundation (MMF) is the second of three charities that goBE Realty is teaming up with during our 20th Anniversary Celebration.  Founded in 2013, MMF believes in providing lasting memories for young children fighting terminal illnesses by having professional, college, and corporate mascots create and attend events and parties for these children.  MMF needs donations,sponsors, and volunteers to continue providing smiles, laughter and fun for these children, which is why goBE is joining the cause.  At each of goBE's closings, our clients will be asked to choose amongst three charities that they would like to see us donate to.  Upon our 100th closing, goBE will tally those results and donate $5000 to the #1 charity, $3000 to the #2 charity,

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