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Home prices across the Salt Lake City metro area are predicted to hit record levels in 2020 and the number of home buyers are also expected to reach historic levels.  Another record was set in Utah County where there are more homes for sale than Salt Lake County.  The Utah Association of Realtors (UAR) reported that Utah County had a record high of 54,274 home sales in 2019 - the most since  UAR began tracking in 2003. According to our very own, Dave Robison, the market is not going to flatten out anytime soon due to a shortage of homes and a high demand for them; however, what that means, is that what most people will be able to afford is high density housing like townhouses and condos.  If interest rates remain low, prospective buyers will likely

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the issues that may be raised by a home inspector as part of a property sale, plus when it is or isn’t prudent for a buyer to bring such issues back to the seller as part of the sale agreement. While buyers obviously cannot ignore major repair needs or damage that’s been found by a home inspector, there’s a general etiquette line on the kinds of issues buyers should and shouldn’t raise.

At Daybreak Living, we’re happy to detail any of these customs or basics as you look to buy a home in Daybreak. The last thing we want is for any of our clients to have a sale derailed based on handling home inspection results improperly, and we won’t let this happen to you. In today’s part two, here are a

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The Salt Lake Board of Realtors released the fourth quarter housing report and not surprising, the median single-family home price in Salt Lake County increased to $378,000.  That's up 8% from 2018's fourth quarter findings, where the median single-family home price was $350,000.  A strong demand for housing is driving this price increase with an anticipated 13,700 new residents projected to move into Salt Lake County in 2020. The typical Salt Lake home was on the market for 45 days in the fourth quarter before selling, compared to 40 days in 2018's fourth quarter.  

The following chart shows the median home price across the Wasatch Front:

Alpine $752,000
Emigration Canyon $646,500
Avenues $644,000
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At Daybreak Living, we’re proud to assist our clients with buying one of our numerous homes for sale from start to finish. We assist clients all the way from conceptualization and mortgage applications to seller’s accepting an offer and closing needs, ensuring you and your family are set up in the home of their dreams.

One element of this process that we regularly advise clients on: The home inspection, which is carried out by a third party after an offer on a home has been accepted by the seller. The goal of the home inspection is to identify any previously unseen issues that need to be addressed, allowing the buyer and seller to negotiate and potentially alter the sale price based on any such needs. And while you’re within your rights to raise any

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For virtually anyone preparing to buy a new home, a primary consideration will be a mortgage loan to help finance the purchase. Buyers will have to consider not only the price of the home they desire and their general budget, but also areas like taxes, insurance, closing fees and others when determining how much to borrow from a lender.

At Daybreak Living, our real estate agents are here to not only help you locate and buy homes for sale in our numerous communities, but also to offer expertise and advice on numerous areas, including mortgages and borrowing. Today’s blog will focus on some general rules of thumb when it comes to how much you should be borrowing and how this compares to your overall financial picture, plus how these factors connect to

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As Daybreak continues to grow, so do the businesses at SoDA Row.  The Azalea Event Venue can accommodate up to 190 people for your wedding, corporate event, or anything in between.  Decorated in an industrial-modern vibe, The Azalea features a brick accent wall, lush greenery, ambiant lighting, plus tons of natural light.  Click this link to book your 2020 event The Azalea 

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Thinking of listing your home?  The following stats might convince you to list it sooner vs later.  The median price for a single family home rose by 7.5% compared to third quarter statistics from 2018.  The Salt Lake Board of Realtors released their Quarterly Housing Report and from July to September, the median price for a single family home was $381,500.  ($355,000 in 2018; $301,000 in 2016). 

All Wasatch Front counties, including Davis, Tooele, and Weber increased.  Below is a list of the highest median prices by zip code for the third quarter:

1. Avenues (84103) $663,500

2. Alpine (84004) $650,000

3. Emigration (84108) $630,000

4. Huntsville (84317) $581,220

5. Draper (84020) $564,337

6. Sandy (84029) $554,000

7. Eden

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There are numerous considerations to keep in mind when you’re searching for a home, both interior and exterior. For those who enjoy gardening, landscaping and other outdoor tasks, one particular area to look into when browsing properties: Is the lawn fake or real? At Daybreak Living, our real estate agents will help you find homes for sale based on any variety of specific needs, including lawn or outdoor elements. When we use the term “fake” lawn, we’re generally referring to synthetic grass that’s made to look and feel extremely similar to natural grass. It’s often used for play areas, putting greens, dog runs or several other specific purposes. Let’s go over some of the general pros and cons found in synthetic grass, plus whether a home featuring it

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Yep!  You read that correctly, Soda Row is getting a beach club! The Beach Club at Soda Row will be the new permanent location for canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards (SUP) rentals and offer a zero entry sandy beach.  Many of the docks that are currently in this location will be removed, the shoreline reshaped, and new sand added. The top of the boathouse will be an observation deck with a variety of seating areas, providing unobstructed views of Oquirrh Lake. (Sunscreen not included)!  Resident that bring their own portable watercraft are welcome to use this area as well. Construction will begin over the winter with a summer 2020 completion date (weather permitting).   

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Did you know that home inspectors do not have to be licensed in the state of Utah?  KSL interviews Utah Dave about this.  Click on the link to read the article.



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