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Zillow is a popular real estate website that uses public records to estimate the value of homes. However, in Utah they have a problem: Utah is a non-disclosure state. That means home owners are not required  to disclose what they purchased their house for. That means Zillow doesn't know what your neighbor's homes sold for, or what you bought your home for. Making their estimates without public records makes Zillow very inaccurate in Utah.

So the question is do they estimate too high or too low. Because it still provides a starting point right? Unfortunately wrong. If their estimates were always high or always low it could still offer some value, but with no information to go on their estimates are all over the place.

For example here are two homes

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Zillow has become quite popular for many people looking up to see what their home is worth. But is it accurate in Utah?

Utah is a NON disclosure State while other states are Disclosure states. What does this mean?

Many other states have laws that require when someone sells their home that they have to report to the state what the home sold for. This is called a disclosure state. In these states Zillow can pull off information from the state records and come up with a fairly close method of knowing what homes are selling for in that area.

Utah on the other hand is a Non disclosure state. Our state sends you in the mail a form saying they are required by state law to find out what you sold your home for. Many people just throw this away because we

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