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Buying a home in Daybreak is a great opportunity to own a home in one of Utah’s finest subdivisions ever built. This is not just a neighborhood, it is a community where you have everything you need at your finger tips. From schools, to public transportation, and shopping, buying a home in Daybreak offers endless opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, all in one place. Whether you are an outdoors person, a shopper, or a sit back and relax person, buying a home in Daybreak will provide something for everyone.

buying a home in DaybreakThere are so many beautiful homes in Daybreak, but it is hard to top this gorgeous one of a kind home. From the amazing curb-appeal the dynamite interior, this is a home that was built for the ages when it comes to style and quality. It

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If you are looking for a great deal on a home, then considering a short sale in West Valley is the way to go. But you may be asking yourself, " What is a short sale?" A short sale means that the seller's lender is accepting a discounted payoff to an existing mortgage. Lenders agree to a short sale and take a moderate loss in order to avoid going into foreclosure which is more costly, and since the proceeds from the sale of the home fall short of the principle, it is referred to as a short sale. That is why they are marked down because lenders are losing money the longer the home is vacant, so buying a short sale in West Valley can really be a great deal.

short sale in West Valley

This short sale in West Valley is a must see. It is a great home that is mostly new throughout.

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If you are looking for a beautiful, charming home that you will be proud to come home to everyday then buying a home in Salt Lake City is the place for you! Located in Sugar House, this home is close to everything that you need as far as shopping, entertainment, dining, proximity to downtown, and it is central to everything that makes living in Salt Lake City a great place to live. So when you're thinking about buying a home in Salt Lake City, this home should definitely be on your must-see list.

buying a home in Salt Lake City

This home has already been remodeled to perfection featuring a main floor master bedroom, the kitchen is updated with slate flooring, new inlayed counters, and custom cabinetry. Not only is there an open living room,  but the kitchen is open and large into

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When it comes to buying a home in Daybreak, you really cannot go wrong. That can be a problem if you love too many homes, but I am here to help you narrow down your options and help you find the home that you and your family will love for a lifetime. It is easy to get overwhelmed and see too many homes. It can lead you to forget about which home you saw and which feature belonged to what house. That is why I suggest that you keep very good notes on each home you see, including the address so you can help keep track of what home you love and which one you can live without.

buying a home in Daybreak

Buying a home in Daybreak is a lot like dating. You see all these homes, so you love, some you feel ambivalent about, and some you feel you could not live without. But just like

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Digital Learning Now! conducts an annual study to measure states on their level of digital learning. For the 2012 postcard Utah was the only state in the entire nation that received an A.

The report card is divided into 10 elements they have identified as important for providing high-quality digital education. You can read more about these 10 elements here: Elements of High Quality Digital Learning. Click the map to access the interactive report card map.

This is Utah's Report card (click the link to see full report card):

1. STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: All Students are digital learners (Utah Grade - 63% D)

  • Utah received a D because it does not requiring students to take a high-quality college prep online course to graduate from High School.
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I want to make sure all our wonderful Veterans are aware of these opportunities associated with their VA loans. Since 1944, over 20 million Veterans and Service Members have purchased a home through the VA Home Loan program. Over the past 5 years VA home loans have had the lowest foreclosure rate than any other type of home loan.

The VA's Home Loan Program Benefit is not a one-time benefit. It can be reused. Veterans may reuse their VA benefit to purchase another residence, or to refinance to a lower rate. Refinancing a VA loan is referred to as an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). No appraisal or credit underwriting is required.

One average, Veterans saved more that $200 a month after an IRRRL. You can read more about the program

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Congratulations to Craig Hawker, the Draper Expert. He is the 2012 Realtor® of the Year!

The Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® recognized Craig's accomplishments and drive by awarding him the Realtor® of the Year Award. The yearly event, honors Salt Lake's top real estate professionals based on sales volume and service.

What is Realtor® of the Year?

The Realtor® of the Year award honors Realtors® who are committed to diligently serving the public as well as improving in their real estate profession. Craig demonstrates his service to the public by applying his years of knowledge and experience during their purchase. He continually improves his skills by participating in more than 70 hours of education each year. That is nearly 10 times the educational

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If you are a first time buyer looking for a short sale in American Fork, then I found the home for you. This is a fantastic starter home for an affordable price in the perfect location. You will live within walking distance to shopping, entertainment, and if you commute, there is easy freeway access. What more could you want in a home? This home will not last, especially at this price, so hurry in and see it today!

home for sale in American Fork

This charming 2-bedroom 1-bath home has 777 square feet of warmth and comfort that would make the perfect home for a small family, or an individual looking for a starter home. With the real estate market where it is at now, it is much cheaper to own your own home than pay rent. Stop wasting your money on rent and buy your own home now!

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I want to let you in on a secret. In the real estate market, we are seeing something that happened in 2005 that had a big impact on the housing market.

I recently found out about several companies outside of Utah that are buying a lot of homes in Utah. There is one company buying as many as 60 homes a month right now. Another company is planning on buying 30 a month. This is just 2 of the companies coming to Utah. These companies may have a huge impact on the Utah market.

What does that mean for the housing market in Utah? All of these homes being purchased are under $300,000. That means that suddenly 10% of home purchases will be investors. If you've looked at the market you've seen that supply is already limited. This new surge of investor

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3 buyers lost up to $5,000 this month.  PROTECT YOURSELF.

Just within the last couple of weeks we have had 3 REALTOR®s call us on the phone and ask us to breach contract for their buyers. They each said something similar to, "I know that we are past the deadlines to keep our earnest money. Will you let us keep our money?" What is the point of earnest money if people feel like the buyers should keep it no matter what? It would all be pointless.

Earnest money is to protect the seller of the property. They are agreeing to take their home off the market while the potential buyer investigates the option of buying the home. The truth is we only collect earnest money when buyers, their agent, or their lender, don't fulfill their responsibilities in the

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