January 2019

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The video that started it all...

Back when UtahDave still had most of his hair, and Daybreak was quite a bit smaller—Dave starred in his famous Daybreak "infomercial." It's our best guess whether he was reading off of a teleprompter or his passionate words come straight from the heart...


And where we ended up!

We decided when it was time to do a new Daybreak commercial, why not strike UtahDave from it and put in his cute kids instead! The end result was much more entertaining we think. How about you?


So what's the big deal about Daybreak?

Well, it is a big deal. There's always so much fun going on!

Recreation (3 videos)


Swimming (3 videos)


and tons of parks! (5 videos)


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To celebrate Utah Dave's 20th Anniversary in the real estate business, goBE is donating a total of $10,000 amongst three charities. Project Sleep Tight (PST) is a charity that goBE teamed up with over the 2018 holiday season, resulting in 60 children receiving totes filled with a book, blanket, stuffed animal, and toothbrush, plus additional items for future totes. We used our social media platform to get the word out about PST and thanks to our clients, friends, employees, and families, we provided 60 kids with a reason to smile and feel loved.  Homelessness is a nationwide epidemic, and while it's not feasible to provide every homeless child with a PST tote, we believe we can do better than fill 60 totes, which is why goBE has selected Project Sleep

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At Daybreak Real Estate, we’re here to bring you the full experience as Daybreak realtors. We have a huge range of homes for sale and rent, from under-$300k options to new construction homes and much more, and we’ll walk you through every step of your process to get you in the property of your dreams.

We can also offer our real estate expertise in several related areas, including the move itself once you’ve chosen a great new home. We know this is an area where many people are looking to cut costs after putting most of their realistic resources into a mortgage – with that in mind, here are some cost-saving tips for moving into a new home.

cutting costs home move

Smart Seasons

While it’s not always possible to target a particular month or time of the year for moving,

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A new photography studio opened their doors at Soda Row on January 12th. Bramble B is not your typical photography studio where you arrive for your hour session and pose and smile at the request of the photographer's "say cheese".  Bramble B is more of a rental studio with props and lighting for photographers to use for a mini 20 minute session, a shared 60 minute session, or an unlimited 60 minute session. Check out Bramble B's website at https://bramblebphotography.com/ and read their heartfelt story behind their name and click https://bramblebphotography.com/schedule-an-appointment/ to schedule an appointment.  Valentine's Day is around the corner...make that special someone in your life a lasting gift by scheduling a fun photo shoot at Bramble B.  

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Every year since 1994, Robert Charles Lesser & Co (RCLCO) conducts a national survey to identify the top selling Master Planned Communities (MPCs).  Daybreak ranked number 12 out of 50 with a 23% increase in homes sales from 2017 to 2018. To qualify for ranking, MPCs must be developed by a master developer and must incorporate a variety of housing types, sizes, and price ranges.  They must include shared common space, provide amenities, and vital public realm, such as parks, plazas, pedestrian paths, street cafes, community gardens, and community centers. The best MPCs have distinctive signage, landscaping, and architecture/design standards that unify the community.  Kudos to Daybreak!


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