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Newly released data from the 2020 Census Bureau shows some significant growth across the state of Utah and more specifically, the city of South Jordan.  Comparatively speaking, South Jordan still remains the least populated city in Utah with 77,487 residents, but since the last census in 2010, SOJO has gained 27,069 people, a 54% increase.  Here's how a few other Utah cities fared: Salt Lake City, which remains the most populated city, grew by 13,283; West Jordan surpassed Provo to claim the 3rd most populated city with 116,961 residents (1% growth); St. George knocked Ogden out of the 7th position by gaining 22,445 residents for a total population of 95,341.  The Bureau also named St. George metro as the 3rd fastest growing in the U.S.  According to the

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Is Utah's housing marketing starting to mirror that of San Francisco and the Bay Area?  According to Bankrate.com, Utah has been deemed the "king of its national housing heat index".  Why is Utah such a desirable place to live amidst a world wide pandemic?  Utah boasts the nation's strongest pace of job growth, near rock-bottom unemployment rate, low mortgage rates, and low state and local taxes. When Covid-19 began, and working from home started to look more like a permanent solution to stopping the spread of the virus, many Bay Area residents started searching for a new place to live.  The East Bay Times reported that nearly 115,000 residents moved out of the Bay Area.  The situation was quite opposite for the state of Utah; people flocked here, but for

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Highland Park Village - Coming 2017

Its coming soon! Highland Park is going to be the first village that crosses West over the Mountain View Corridor.

This is pretty exciting as people that live here will have awesome access to the Corridor/Trax/Shopping! This village is also slated to have its very own Community Pool and Cafe. As always in developments, things that aren't built can change so we live by the motto.....nothing is set in stone until it's built.

The builders slated for this community will be Sego, Destination, David Weekley, Holmes Homes, and Fieldstone Homes. The new model home village should have about 15 homes that the public can tour and check out. Sego and Destination will be building townhomes while the biggest lots up to .17 acre will be Fieldstone homes or

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EXHIBIT A: Listed with a different Brokerage


The home above was on the market 4 months and NEVER SOLD. Last listed at $339k (Below what we sold the exact home for shown below) This home has 3 tone paint, real hardwood floors, updated colors, and modern white kitchen with granite and backsplash. It's also partly fenced.


EXHIBIT B: Listed with Utah Dave @ goBE Realty


Meanwhile, this home sold for $340k in 3 weeks.   It only has 2 tone paint and brown colors. Formica counters throughout kitchen and upstairs instead of granite like the home above.​ Laminate hardwood not real hardwood floors. Also, no fence on this home as opposed to the partially fenced home that dind't sell. The only other difference between this home and the one above

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Views! Modern! Energy Efficient!


South Jordan House of the Month!


Kettle WaySolar powered energy efficient! Average $58 a month


Gorgeous Valley Views! Sits across the street from Park!


Modern Design 




2 Story Vaults

              Sit on your patio and enjoy the Mountain views and fresh air.  Its easy to relax in this home, after all, the solar power energy efficiency of paying $58 a month average allows you to spend your money elsewhere. This home is conveniently located near lots of parks/basketball courts/tennis courts/ and the neighborhood's new pool.     Call 801-966-4000 and find out about our SELL YOUR HOME GUARANTEED when you BUY THIS…
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I'm sure you have noticed the dropping temperatures. Protecting your home against cold weather can prevent costly damage, reduce your monthly heating costs, and increase the value of your home. There are many things you should do before the big freeze hits. Here are some valuable tips you can use this Fall to prepare for winter temperatures. For the Yard:

  • Clear debris from exterior walkways, decks, and steps. When winter hits you don't want to be shoveling up leaves and debris with the snow.
  • Use fall leaves as mulch for your lawn. As the leaves start to fall consider mowing them into mulch instead of raking them into bags. These mulched leaves can provide nutrients for the soil during the winter to help your lawn next spring.
  • Trim
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Are you thinking about buying a home in Utah? When it comes to great economic health, real estate is the "juice" of our economy. Everything moves together and feeds off each other. When the job market is on top of its game, that leads to more investment in construction, which provides jobs to construction companies, lumber, and other building material companies, real estate agents, and people who can finally afford to buy a home. It all works together with real estate as the initiator. So if you are considering buying a home in Utah, the market is giving you the green light to start your search. buying a home in Utah The only downside to this strong, in-motion turn for the better is the fact that people are having a harder time getting loans, many people are bidding on the

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Digital Learning Now! conducts an annual study to measure states on their level of digital learning. For the 2012 postcard Utah was the only state in the entire nation that received an A.

The report card is divided into 10 elements they have identified as important for providing high-quality digital education. You can read more about these 10 elements here: Elements of High Quality Digital Learning. Click the map to access the interactive report card map.

This is Utah's Report card (click the link to see full report card):

1. STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: All Students are digital learners (Utah Grade - 63% D)

  • Utah received a D because it does not requiring students to take a high-quality college prep online course to graduate from High School.
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I want to let you in on a secret. In the real estate market, we are seeing something that happened in 2005 that had a big impact on the housing market.

I recently found out about several companies outside of Utah that are buying a lot of homes in Utah. There is one company buying as many as 60 homes a month right now. Another company is planning on buying 30 a month. This is just 2 of the companies coming to Utah. These companies may have a huge impact on the Utah market.

What does that mean for the housing market in Utah? All of these homes being purchased are under $300,000. That means that suddenly 10% of home purchases will be investors. If you've looked at the market you've seen that supply is already limited. This new surge of investor

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A celebrity's St. George Utah house is being foreclosed.

Do you know who it is?

Don't cheat, see if you can guess from the clues below.

Write me a comment if you think you know who it is.

Clue #1: The House

  • 6,600 Square Feet
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 6.5 bathrooms
  • 5 Fireplaces
  • Swimming Pool
  • Red, white, and blue Rubberized basketball court

Clue #2:  NBA MVP and NBA All-Star Game MVP

Clue #3:  One of the first basketball players to have a shoe marketed under his name

Clue #4:  Well-known for slam dunking from the free throw line

Clue #5:  Averaged 24.2 points, 2 steals, and 9 rebounds per game

Clue #6:  Was matched against Larry Bird in a 1983 computer game:

Clue #7:  The fifth-highest scorer in professional

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