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It is sad that during times of hardship, those who cause harm target the vulnerable.

There are a lot of loan modification scams out there. It is important to remember that not all loan modification programs are scams, and not all loan modification companies are scammers. Loan modifications are very valid in our current market. However, to help you identify the legitimate options from the scammers I have a few characters you should watch out for.

Common Scammers to watch out for:

The Disappearing Hero: “I can help you, and all it costs is a small up-front fee.”

The Disappearing Hero shows up to save you from your financial woes. They sympathize, console, and offer hope. They flex their muscles and boast about their

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Sometimes clients don't understand how GOOD things are! Being a Real Estate professional provides a frame of reference for our transactions. We eat, drink, live, and breathe the market. So when we say "I've never seen a buyers' market like this before" it means more than the average buyer comprehends. No matter how hard we try to explain it, they struggle to understand the significance of the deals on the market today. We also see miracles that clients only see as a regular part of the business. We just helped some clients sell their home for a great price, in this market, during winter, AND during the holidays. Again, being in Real Estate we understand the significance of such a feat. Their excitement however was somewhat lacking...  

We try

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A celebrity's St. George Utah house is being foreclosed.

Do you know who it is?

Don't cheat, see if you can guess from the clues below.

Write me a comment if you think you know who it is.

Clue #1: The House

  • 6,600 Square Feet
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 6.5 bathrooms
  • 5 Fireplaces
  • Swimming Pool
  • Red, white, and blue Rubberized basketball court

Clue #2:  NBA MVP and NBA All-Star Game MVP

Clue #3:  One of the first basketball players to have a shoe marketed under his name

Clue #4:  Well-known for slam dunking from the free throw line

Clue #5:  Averaged 24.2 points, 2 steals, and 9 rebounds per game

Clue #6:  Was matched against Larry Bird in a 1983 computer game:

Clue #7:  The fifth-highest scorer in professional

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My daughter has brought to my attention 3 things that infants and the government have in common.

Sometimes they make a mess. Other times they find a mess...     ...and make it worse.         Sometimes they work really hard... ...getting into something they shouldn't.   And what's to be done after all this work? Hide from the repercussions.       My daughter did all of this mayhem in one day. What a busy little girl. :)
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Question: Why is it a small window?     Answer: Supply

The number of available homes to purchase has decreased. There is not much supply out there. In fact the supply of homes is lower than I have seen it in a long time. Lately the demand has also been low. We have had the least amount of buyers looking for homes that we have ever seen. What happens when you have small demand? Prices fall flat on their face. That is where we are right now, low prices! That is the opportunity.

Question: How long will this window last? Answer: Not Long

The opportunity will end when the cost of homes starts to increase again. This will happen when demand increases to normal levels. A few factors suggest that demand may be normalizing soon.
     1st: it has been

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I just added the latest local market statistics to my Facebook Fanpage.

Find my review of 2010 HERE

It is part of my Fans-Only page, so be sure to "like" the page to see the content.

My report includes a month-to-month look at the total number of homes sold as well as active homes on market. You can also see a breakdown of new listings per month, new under contracts for each month, and total number of homes under contract for the month.

There is a link to recent articles on foreclosures and reports on the current market value.

You can also see information on remaining grant money, interest rates, and my interpretation of current trends.

Become a fan, and gain access to valuable market information!

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Location is still the paramount law in real estate. Knowing when to sell your home requires careful examination of the local market in your neighborhood. As a local real estate professional I monitor which neighborhoods have high demand so you can be aware when the timing is right to sell your home.

We track where homes are sold, where homes are listed, and where buyers want to buy. With these statistics I have selected the top 5 areas for selling a home in December. If you live in one of these areas, now is the time to sell!

1. Salt Lake City, Zip 84103         $200K - $250K
Sales History                    Current Homes for Sale

2. Murray, Zip 84123                 $200K - $250K
Sales History                    Current Homes for Sale

3. Orem,

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