April 2008

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Sales have hit an 8 year slump. Now the big question has been, how does the rest of the year look. People are asking...should I wait to buy.

Lets take a look.

THE GREEN LINE is amount of new listings on market.

THE BLUE LINE is our average price.

THE RED LINE is the number of homes sold per quarter. (Graph made by Wasatch Front Regional MLS)


As you can see Salt Lake has hit an all time low for sales. The reason why this has happened is largely due to the loan credit crisis. Loans have changed and many of our clients that bought a home a year or two ago are stuck. They cant buy another home with current loan guidelines. A second reason but not as important is out of state sellers having a difficult selling their home

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Zillow has become quite popular for many people looking up to see what their home is worth. But is it accurate in Utah?

Utah is a NON disclosure State while other states are Disclosure states. What does this mean?

Many other states have laws that require when someone sells their home that they have to report to the state what the home sold for. This is called a disclosure state. In these states Zillow can pull off information from the state records and come up with a fairly close method of knowing what homes are selling for in that area.

Utah on the other hand is a Non disclosure state. Our state sends you in the mail a form saying they are required by state law to find out what you sold your home for. Many people just throw this away because we

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Free Grant Money up to $10,000

The federal government gives away free money. Everybody has seen that on TV. Most people just dont know where to go or how to get it and what the qualifications are.

The Qualifications:

1. Must be a first time homebuyer. (Meaning you cant have owned any homes within the past 3 years.)

2. Must be within a certain income bracket depending on how many people are in your household. (Sorry, dogs and pets dont count.)

How many are available? Why dont more people know about it?

Every year our relationship with the bank and government has been granted only 5 grants per year. My clients are always gobbling them up. Since there arent very many, not very many people know about it. Right now, I am filling out 3

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http://www.utahdave.com/ is a site where we are used to having many other agents on our site using our site. Thats great..we love the traffic and being able to help people..so here is what happened this week.

Over a week ago, we had a buyer that when we asked the golden question, "Do you have an agent you are working with?" They answered the golden answer. "No."

So my buyers agent started helping them, showing them homes and getting them ready to buy. The buyer shows up at our office yesterday morning with a Referral agreement for their brother for 35% fee. (He is a local agent and as a matter of fact, they are renting and living in one of his homes that he has for sale.)

They said, "Well, we want to use you but we need you to do this."


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Don't be tempted to do it! It will cost you money!

How fun it is to go shopping for a home. You drive around, you look online, and you even go to open houses. Well, you finally see a few homes and you think you have your favorite picked out. Should I write an offer? Is it the right one? Maybe I should bring by my family or friends to take a look at it. Maybe I should see if my furniture fits in the house. I cant really remember how the kitchen looks, lets go back and see if everything looks right. OR Its so exciting I just want to drive by it. Honey, lets go drive by the house and take a look at the neigbhorhood and the home.

What actually happens when you do those things? Heres the Truth..and a true story.

One of my sellers had a potential buyer

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Daily I receive phone calls and numerous online inquiries regarding buying a home in Utah. As I help people every now and than I will bump into a big surprise. Someone is looking for homes, has all sorts of questions, and wants me to do all the work in finding them a home. Now that isnt the surprise. The surprise is that when I ask if they have a Realtor they are using they say yes. Why would they be calling me when they have a Realtor? So I ask, and here are the answers that I get,

a. My agent does this part time.

b. I have a family member that is an agent.

c. My agent is new.

d. My agent is on vacation.

e. I cant reach my agent.

f. My agent isnt sending me anything I like.

g. My friends dad or brothers uncle is an agent.


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