Short Sale Scams

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Such a sad story!  Homeowners who were underwater and behind on their payments were promised a solution that made matters even worse.

A Lawyer approached these struggling home owners with a promise of rescue. The lawyer told these struggling home owners that they had a good case against the bank. It's a lawyer, they must know what they are talking about right? They were told that if they paid the lawyer instead of the bank they would get their home free and clear and not have to pay the bank anymore.  

Well, it looks like the promises were unfounded, and the homeowners hardships have increased.

If you are in a similar situation, be very cautious, there are some scary scams out there. If you have questions about short selling your home

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Navigating an upside-down home value. The ins and outs of short sales.

Out of the 14,000 homes on the market across the Wasatch Front over 25% are short sales. Why are there so many short sales on the market? Some misconceptions about the purpose of short sales have led many to frustration, loss of money, and even getting scammed. It is important to be educated, patient, and complient when considering a short sale.

Short Sale Graffiti

As the market continues to dip, the number of people with hardships increases. This is one cause for so many short sales on the market. However, another theory suggests the popularity of short sales is more psychological. Malcolm Gladwell included the "Graffiti Theory" in his book Tipping Point. In New York the

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