October 2017

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Have you ever been driving around the Creekside Neighborhood in Daybreak and noticed these rather tall poles sticking straight out of the ground and said to yourself, "What The ?" From a distance one might wonder if they are Totem Poles, power poles, awkward landscaping, or maybe even some landscaping gone wrong?  Actually these poles are designed with the sole purpose of tying up hammocks and relaxing the day away!  If the poles weren't enough to make you say, "What The ?", the name of the park where you'll find these hammock poles is called Ewok Park...another "What The ?" 

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Major road closures leading into and around Daybreak didn't slow down the 400 spectators (plus a few four legged ones) that attended the Pumpkin Regatta on October 21st. If you happened to miss this annual event, here are some facts that will make your eye balls pop!

  • 14 Ginormous Pumpkins registered for the regatta
  • Pumpkins ranged in size from 200-992 pounds
  • Furthest pumpkin came from Idaho, closest pumpkin was grown right here in Daybreak  
  • The Pumpkin Regatta attracted 3 local news stations.   Channel 4 actually featured the event if you want to view it 
  • Some pumpkin growers spend 30 hours and more per week tending to their pumpkins.  Hmm...what exactly does that involve?      
  • After the regatta, these pumpkins are used to smash old
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Daybreak residents definitely know how to "accessorize" their yards to create a truly unique Halloween atmosphere.  Bury a few bones and sculls, scatter some pumpkins, sneak a kiss of death, bubble a potion or two, cast a spell, plant a cemetery full of headstones, and then come dark, watch out!  Not only do these yards light up, but they literally come to life with moving parts and pieces!  We have some amazing talent in our community!  Take a look at a few of the yards we captured during the daytime and be sure to check out the Daybreak Haunts Facebook page for updates and a map of registered scary yards!  


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What comes to mind when you hear "bungalow"?  Little square footage? Narrow hallways?  Broken floor plan?  If you connected any of these with a bungalow style home, it's time to rethink this charmer!  The Larimore by David Weekly, located in Highland Park breaks all the typical bungalow stereotypes.   Open floor plan, spacious bedrooms, tons of natural light, and did I mention an office with beams?   Buyers want character and this house has it!  Copper and orange accents give this model home a very modern feel and the beams bring a touch of timeless yet historical architecture without dating the interior.   The backsplash in the kitchen adds another layer of historical yet modern touch...but what do you think about the vertical placement, like it or leave

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