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Daybreak Team

A huge shout out to our goBE Realty Sales Team. Yesterday at the exclusive Daybreak Awards Ceremony goBE Realty was awarded the Top Real Estate Office Sales in Daybreak for 2015. That's not all though; Utah Dave was awarded the Top Sales Agent for New Home Sales in Daybreak for 2015! We also sold a total of 65 homes in Daybreak in 2015 alone. In addition the goBE team sold a total of 170 homes from Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties. Give a "like" to help us congratulate this amazing team. — with David Marrott, Ryan Aycock, Josh Mills, Barbara Neilson Mills, Dave Robison, Julie Holmes,Tammy Burton Casper and Durven Wilson.

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If you are looking for a great deal on a home, then considering a short sale in West Valley is the way to go. But you may be asking yourself, " What is a short sale?" A short sale means that the seller's lender is accepting a discounted payoff to an existing mortgage. Lenders agree to a short sale and take a moderate loss in order to avoid going into foreclosure which is more costly, and since the proceeds from the sale of the home fall short of the principle, it is referred to as a short sale. That is why they are marked down because lenders are losing money the longer the home is vacant, so buying a short sale in West Valley can really be a great deal.

short sale in West Valley

This short sale in West Valley is a must see. It is a great home that is mostly new throughout.

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Navigating an upside-down home value. The ins and outs of short sales.

Out of the 14,000 homes on the market across the Wasatch Front over 25% are short sales. Why are there so many short sales on the market? Some misconceptions about the purpose of short sales have led many to frustration, loss of money, and even getting scammed. It is important to be educated, patient, and complient when considering a short sale.

Short Sale Graffiti

As the market continues to dip, the number of people with hardships increases. This is one cause for so many short sales on the market. However, another theory suggests the popularity of short sales is more psychological. Malcolm Gladwell included the "Graffiti Theory" in his book Tipping Point. In New York the

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