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Sadly, like many other areas where significant amounts of money are involved, the homebuying world is one where scammers may try to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. This is one of many reasons why working with quality real estate brokers is important, as professionals can help steer you away from any such risks and warn you about the potential schemes you could face.

At Daybreak Living, our quality real estate agents will work with you on everything from finding the perfect Daybreak home to ensuring you never have to think about the risk of scammers. Many such attempts will be centered around the closing period when you purchase a new home – let’s look at how scammers attempt to infiltrate your information, some specific schemes they often

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Same Builder... Same House... Same Area... Same Time on Market.... VERY DIFFERENT RESULTS


THEIRS: (LISTED WITH A DIFFERENT COMPANY: good experienced agent and brokerage)

House 2On the market for almost 2 years!

Ended with a Lease Option for thousands less than ours. 

Fully finished basement with wet bar

Larger yard/ lot

More upgrades in Master Bath




Offers within a few days!House 1

Sold for $345k

Only a partially finished basement

Smaller lot than comparable home above



Utah is a non-disclosure state on sales price. To gain sold data on listings that aren't ours call 801-966-4000.

As you can see in the apple to apple comparison that you see above, the real estate

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Such a sad story!  Homeowners who were underwater and behind on their payments were promised a solution that made matters even worse.

A Lawyer approached these struggling home owners with a promise of rescue. The lawyer told these struggling home owners that they had a good case against the bank. It's a lawyer, they must know what they are talking about right? They were told that if they paid the lawyer instead of the bank they would get their home free and clear and not have to pay the bank anymore.  

Well, it looks like the promises were unfounded, and the homeowners hardships have increased.

If you are in a similar situation, be very cautious, there are some scary scams out there. If you have questions about short selling your home

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It is sad that during times of hardship, those who cause harm target the vulnerable.

There are a lot of loan modification scams out there. It is important to remember that not all loan modification programs are scams, and not all loan modification companies are scammers. Loan modifications are very valid in our current market. However, to help you identify the legitimate options from the scammers I have a few characters you should watch out for.

Common Scammers to watch out for:

The Disappearing Hero: “I can help you, and all it costs is a small up-front fee.”

The Disappearing Hero shows up to save you from your financial woes. They sympathize, console, and offer hope. They flex their muscles and boast about their

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Who’s in your Home and What are they really doing there?

Our local Realtor’s association posts warnings time and time again about people who have been stealing medicine in cabinets, staking out homes, or are just up to no good.

3 Ways in keeping your home safe from these types of predators.

1. Utilization of a REALTOR Keybox. (Dont use a code keybox.) Most REALTORS utilize a keypad that they have to update through their computer weekly. If they dont update the keypad they cant gain access to homes. They also are given their own pin number to use the keypad. Whenever someone accesses your home via a REALTOR Risco Keypad system, it is logged for the listing agent and the board to know who gained access. This way you will only have authorized people

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Don't be tempted to do it! It will cost you money!

How fun it is to go shopping for a home. You drive around, you look online, and you even go to open houses. Well, you finally see a few homes and you think you have your favorite picked out. Should I write an offer? Is it the right one? Maybe I should bring by my family or friends to take a look at it. Maybe I should see if my furniture fits in the house. I cant really remember how the kitchen looks, lets go back and see if everything looks right. OR Its so exciting I just want to drive by it. Honey, lets go drive by the house and take a look at the neigbhorhood and the home.

What actually happens when you do those things? Heres the Truth..and a true story.

One of my sellers had a potential buyer

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