April 2010

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The Associated Press just released an article about the Daybreak community in South Jordan.

The Associated Press reports: “Kennecott’s Daybreak community ranked sixth for 2009 home sales among leading U.S. planned communities.” 365 homes were sold in Daybreak during 2009.

They attribute Daybreak’s success to the homes individually as well as the appeal of the community as a whole: ”Daybreak offers houses with traditional porches, pocket parks, lots of trails and wide-open surrounding spaces.”

Click here to view all available homes for sale in Daybreak.

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Can you really lose over $20,000 if you don't buy a home today?

Some of my friends at Republic Mortgage made this diagram representing how purchasing power goes down as rates go up.

The Federal Government is watching the market right now and trying to make sure a housing bubble does not occur again. As the market recovers it is likely that the rates will continue to rise. We've been enjoying record low rates for a long time, but the window for action is quickly closing.

It is time to lock in on a home now and take advantage of your extra buying power. If rates go up to 5.75%, your buying power will decrease $20,000. The market isn't going to depreciate that much this year to balance it out.

Here are some other articles about why NOW is

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Current home owners, time is running out to take advantage of the $6,500 tax credit!

The $8,000 first-time home buyer grant is also coming to an end this month. Buyers need properties to purchase. You can get a great deal on your home if you sell quickly! Knowing when and where to sell & purchase a home is vital to Real Estate success. The demand is highest in Utah’s Hot Spots!

These locations are the zip codes and prices ranges that had the most demand and highest success last month. Economic improvement and recovery start in hot spots and then spread to other areas of the valley. These hot spots are the areas that will get top dollar for their home. Purchasing a home in one of these hot spots gives you a front row seat to economic recovery.


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