February 2019

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At Daybreak Living, our real estate agents are proud to serve all our clients who might be looking to list a property for sale. We can assist you with everything from evaluating the proper price listing based on the market to walking you through a smart marketing plan, and everything in between.

One common question we’re asked by sellers or potential future sellers: What kinds of remodeling or renovation projects can I complete that will raise my home’s value? And while there are several good answers here, there’s a flip side to this that isn’t considered as often – renovations that do not bring good resale value and should be avoided if you’re thinking about selling anytime soon. Here are a few of the top examples here.

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Mascot Miracles Foundation (MMF) is the second of three charities that goBE Realty is teaming up with during our 20th Anniversary Celebration.  Founded in 2013, MMF believes in providing lasting memories for young children fighting terminal illnesses by having professional, college, and corporate mascots create and attend events and parties for these children.  MMF needs donations,sponsors, and volunteers to continue providing smiles, laughter and fun for these children, which is why goBE is joining the cause.  At each of goBE's closings, our clients will be asked to choose amongst three charities that they would like to see us donate to.  Upon our 100th closing, goBE will tally those results and donate $5000 to the #1 charity, $3000 to the #2 charity,

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