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Daybreak residents definitely know how to "accessorize" their yards to create a truly unique Halloween atmosphere.  Bury a few bones and sculls, scatter some pumpkins, sneak a kiss of death, bubble a potion or two, cast a spell, plant a cemetery full of headstones, and then come dark, watch out!  Not only do these yards light up, but they literally come to life with moving parts and pieces!  We have some amazing talent in our community!  Take a look at a few of the yards we captured during the daytime and be sure to check out the Daybreak Haunts Facebook page for updates and a map of registered scary yards!  


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I was strollin’ around in Daybreak the other day and found a fun Halloween House!

    I’m a big fan of Halloween and really enjoy the creativity of the season. It’s fun to see someone else going all out for the Holiday.


I especially liked this sign advertising the home as a “Dead & Breakfast”.

We all know that Daybreak is an active community and loaded with parks and biking trails. Apparently it even attracts the active un-dead.

Check out this wrap around porch! Apparently I’m not the only one who likes the extra lounging room!

This fun Halloween house is on Top View, so bring the kids by I’m sure they’ll love it!

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