September 2016

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Oquirrh Lake Daybreak

Daybreak is much more than the most desirable residential area in South Jordan, Utah. It’s a vibrant community that offers entertainment, employment, shopping, education, real estate investment and recreation. At the heart of this development is Oquirrh Lake, which itself provides a wide range of recreational opportunities for Daybreak residents.

Oquirrh Lake is a main recreational point for Daybreak residents. The man-made lake is 67 acres in size and was created as an integral part of the neighborhood from the outset of the Daybreak community. Surrounded by 70 acres of beaches, picnic areas, wetlands, parks and trails, it’s a recreational focal point of Daybreak and a key feature that adds to the value of the residential and commercial real

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Realtors often say that spring is the best time to sell a home. But the autumn months are also a good time to put a home on the market. How long it will take to sell your home and the sales price will depend on several factors. One of the most important elements is working with a professional Realtor to make the process of selling a home as painless as possible.

The fact is, houses sell throughout the year. The reasons people buy or sell a home are many, and if someone needs to move because of a job transfer or another specific reason, they’ll need to buy a house. Still, statistics show the spring months from March to June are the busiest for real estate transactions.

There are some well-documented reasons for this:

  • Fair weather in spring
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Sure, no one really enjoys moving, but it doesn’t have to be a downright awful experience. Packing, organizing and getting on with the move can all be accomplished a smooth and coordinated manner.

Be Thrifty
There’s no reason to go to a specialty shipping store and pay top dollar for boxes. Check the “free” section of Craigslist and ask your friends. Sometimes you can find boxes hanging out behind large department or chain stores.

Clear Clutter
A big move creates a perfect opportunity to sort through your things and clear the clutter. Pare down your possessions and leave room for open spaces in your new home.

Plan Ahead
There are little things to consider when you are planning for a move. From defrosting and cleaning the fridge to contacting the

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Great news! If you’re moving for your work, you just might qualify for a tax deduction on your moving expenses. This is part of the tax Form 3903: Moving Expenses.

While this is potentially great news, not everyone is qualified for these tax deductions. If you find yourself moving for your job, here’s what you need to know about qualifying.

You have to be moving for work. 
In order to get this tax break, you have to be moving for your job. This doesn’t mean that you’re moving to another town to look for a new job. You have to already have the job and you have to prove that your new job required you to relocate.

You have to be moving far.
If your work is relocating you to the next town over, it isn’t as likely that you will qualify for this

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