June 2013

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Have you ever heard of Bill McBride? He was one of the first people to warn us about homes becoming over-valued during the bubble. So what is this well-known finance and economics blogger saying about today's market? He agrees with Ivy Zelman, who says "we're in Nirvana for housing"!

So what makes today's market Nirvana?

The largest obstacle the market has been facing is inventory. There are a lot of buyers out there, and not enough homes for them to buy. Because distressed properties have been so affordable, builders have been unable to produce competitively priced homes. In fact the ratio of existing-homes sold to new-homes sold hit a historical low in 2010. The ratio was 17 existing homes sold for every 1 new-home sold.

While builders have

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What is at Daybreak?

Have you ever heard of the Daybreak 5 minute rule? I know there are lots of other 5 minute rules that range from texting responses to when you can sneak away from work. However, the Daybreak 5 minute rule is different. It means wherever you are in Daybreak, you are 5 minutes away from something awesome!

Daybreak is a planned community and the designers kept this rule in mind. As a result Daybreak has a lot of fantastic amenities sprinkled throughout the area.  Click here to view amap of Daybreak and amenities.

Daybreak has splash parks, pools, basketball & volleyball courts as well as community gardening spaces. In addition to the fabulous walking and running trails that circumnavigate all of Daybreak, certain areas have

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There are financial dangers when making the transition from selling your home to renting. If the potential buyer of your home cancels the contract on your home after you've already signed your new rental agreement, you could be in a double-payment bind.


After you have a buyer make an offer on your home, they have specific deadlines to meet before the purchase is complete. This is their due diligence period where they are responsible for inspecting the home, and securing financing. Typically a real estate contract will take about 30 days to close. During these 30 days the buyer can back out of the contract based on either inspections or on financing. These dates are negotiable, but most often buyers have 21 days to back out.


That presents a…
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