Daybreak Parks & Recreation

Daybreak has so much to offer. The Oquirrh Lake, parks, community centers, sport courts, pavilions, swimming pools, gardens, trails and much, much more. We've compiled everything Daybreak has to offer into this handy parks and recreation guide. Poke around - you're sure to find something just for you!

Daybreak Parks and Recreation Map

Parks and Recreation Map

Map of all Daybreak Parks and Recreation. Includes parks, community centers, sport courts, pavilions, swimming pools, gardens, trails and more.


Eastlake Parks Founders Parks North Shore Parks Creekside Parks Heights Park Parks Highland Park Parks South Jordan Parks

Daybreak Oquirrh Lake

Oquirrh Lake

Enjoy sunset walks on trails overlooking Daybreak's very own Oquirrh Lake. The lake is stocked with fish and the bridges over the lake are 26 ft tall which is perfect for sailboats to sail under.



Daybreak Community Center

Daybreak Community Center

The DCC offers a huge swimming pool, fitness classes, a gym and locker rooms, and a running track. There are conference rooms and a board room available for rent to residents.


Resident Amenities Card and Guest Passes: Get access to all that Daybreak has to offer!

Daybreak Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

There are five main pools in Daybreak, located in Eastlake, Brookside, Community Center, Highland Park and Garden Park Village. There is also a splash pool for children under 12.



Daybreak Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Throughout Daybreak, there are community gardens available to residents to plant all types of vegetables. They are placed strategically to make it close to home for all residents.



Daybreak Sport Courts

Sport Courts

Daybreak has several basketball, tennis, volleyball and pickleball courts located throughout the community. All sport courts in Daybreak are free of charge and no reservation is required to use them.



Daybreak Pavilions


Three of Daybreak’s parks, Founder's Park, Firmont Park and Bowery Park, have pavilions that can be reserved at the front desk at the Daybreak Community Center.



Daybreak Nature and Wildlife

Nature & Wildlife

The Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak is the Heart of Daybreak. One of our residents who lives right next to the lake has captured some amazing pictures of nature and wildlife around the lake!



Daybreak Clubs


Daybreak has a club for you! Whatever type of "enthusiast" you are, chances are there is a group of like-minded individuals here. Browse through this comprehensive list of Daybreak clubs.



Daybreak The Beach Club

The Beach Club

At The Beach Club, Daybreak Residents can check out kayaks, canoes, sail boats or SUP boards to use on Oquirrh Lake!



Daybreak The Hub at Highland Park Village

The Hub

The Hub is Daybreak's new information center and THE place to get information on Daybreak's Highland Park and Springhouse Villages.



Daybreak Garden Park Clubhouse

Garden Park Clubhouse

The Garden Park Clubhouse is available to be reserved for your next event or family gathering to socialize, relax, and spend some time with those you love.



Daybreak Waterside Club

Waterside Club

Relax along the shores of the Oquirrh Lake, enjoy the sandy beach and fireplace, and launch your paddle boards at the Waterside Club in Lake Village!



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