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Enjoy sunset walks on trails overlooking Daybreak's very own Oquirrh Lake. The lake is stocked with Bluegill, Rainbow Trout, and Large Mouth Bass. The bridges over the lake are 26 feet tall which is perfect for sailboats to sail under. 

Daybreak Oquirrh Lake Daybreak Oquirrh Lake

Daybreak has boats available at The Beach Club for residents to take out on the lake.  They have 1-person kayaks, 2-person kayaks, canoes, row boats, stand up paddle boards available for all as well as sail boats that can be taken out upon certification. Lessons can be scheduled with the boat attendant on duty. Boats can be checked out by residents in one and a half hour increments. Residents must bring their resident amenity card to the boat ramp in order to check out a boat. Boats must be captained at all times by a resident that is 14 years of age or older. Children under 2 are not permitted on boats of any kind. All boats must be returned by the scheduled daily close time and cannot be given out within 30 minutes of closing time. The boats, canoes, kayaks, are all free to Daybreak Homeowners for use. All inflatable vessels must be approved the Harbor Master. Personal watercraft permits are required on all vessels. No shade canopies are permitted, although light-weight pop-up shade pieces are allowed.

On top of that, swimming and wading are not allowed in the lake, due to negative effects on water quality and ecosystem balance.

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Daybreak Oquirrh Lake Daybreak Oquirrh Lake