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The Beach Club

Daybreak Residents can check out kayaks, canoes, sail boats or SUP boards to use on Oquirrh Lake! The sandy beach is a perfect launch site. There is also an observation deck above on the street level right by SoDa Row to enjoy your favorite drink or treat while you take in the wonders of the lake. You may even catch some live entertainment on occasion.

Hours of Operation:

Normal hours are from 10 am-8 pm Monday – Saturday and from 11 am -5 pm on Sundays and usually the season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

4690 W Daybreak Parkway


Boat Rentals:

Boats can be checked out by residents in one and a half hour increments. Guests, for $5 per person, may also accompany residents and use the boats. Residents must bring their resident amenity card to the boat ramp in order to check out a boat. Boats must be captained at all times by a resident that is 14 years of age or older. Children under 2 are not permitted on boats of any kind. All boats must be returned by the scheduled daily close time and cannot be given out within 30 minutes of closing time. The boats, canoes, kayaks, are all free to Daybreak Homeowners for use. All inflatable vessels must be approved by the Harbor Master.

Daybreak Beach Club
Daybreak Beach Club