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"We loved working with Dave! We had full confidence in his ability to get the deal done with the terms that we wanted . Dave and his team were so ... more "
by annette293
"Dave helped us get into the house we wanted with several offers pending. The process was quick and easy and our minds were at ease knowing Dave was ... more "
by zuser20160315133556484
"Dave was amazing. I am confident we would not have been able to buy this home without his expertise. He worked with the sellers agent and resolved ... more "
by brian1902

We are proud to be top rated on Zillow in the following cities! 

  • South Jordan (#1)

  • Riverton (#1)

  • Herriman (#1)

  • West Jordan (#1)

Zillow ranks us based on the number of positive client reviews in the counties and cities we service, the number of recent sales in each county and city, and the number of listings we currently represent. We pride ourselves in delivering an AWESOME customer experience, QUICK results, and OUTSTANDING communication throughout the process.

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Dave is a personable, yet professional individual. Honest in his dealings, and knowledgable about his “product.” I have recommend Dave to numerous family members and friends (whom have also had a very positive experience with Dave)…and will continue to do so moving forward.

- Jason and Lindsay Horne

My buying and selling experience with goBE realty was awesome. My wife spent a lot of time with our agent, David Robison, looking for a home, and ended up finding the perfect home that was right for us and everything worked out great. We loved working with goBE. The transaction was smooth, our agent was always there with us for every step of the way. We always felt comfortable, we never felt pressured. He has a set of rules that he's set up for us that made the experience so much better. It was awesome. I'd recommend working with anyone on the goBE team, in fact I do recommend goBE to a lot of people. Several of my friends have bought their homes through goBE and have all had the same positive experience that I had. Their knowledge base exceeded my expectations, especially because I thought the buying and selling process was just that, buying and selling, but there's so much more than that, and I felt that goBE was extremely knowledgeable about the locations we were looking at as well as everything else involved with buying a home. 

- Paul Taylor

I love goBE realty because I got to work with the best: Dave Robison. My husband, who struggles to make large purchases, was comforted the entire way and Dave understood his personality type, to work with him so it made the process much easier for me and I got the home of my dreams. Thanks Dave, we love ya.

- Melissa Ross

In an industry laced with stagnant ideas and practices, Dave’s ingenuity provides a service unparalleled to company’s I have worked with in the past. His positive and unclouded approach to business and life helps those in his large sphere of influence to improve their practices, including myself.

- Tim Peterson

The best way I can describe my buying experience with goBE realty is that it was the easiest buying experience I've ever had. I've bought a number of properties in the past, and this just went really really smoothly and Dave helped coordinate it from start to finish, kept me informed of things I needed to know, didn't take too much of my time, and it ended in a great outcome. I got a great property that I really love. I'd recommend him to everybody. He's the only one I use now.

- Dean Anderson

Dave assisted my wife and me in purchasing our first home and the experience was great. We had previously tried working with another realtor but we felt like we were being pressured to buy houses that didn’t fit our needs. With Dave it was different. He was very patient and showed us houses until we found the one we could call “home”. Since then we have sold our first home and purchased another through Dave and his team. Each experience has been as good as the first. When working with Dave and his team I truly feel like I am working with a friend who is looking out for my family’s best interest. I highly recommend Dave and his team and regularly refer family and friends to them, because I know Dave will not disappoint.

- Chris and Kym Frankowski

goBE realty was really easy to work with and they made it really flexible for our schedule. We actually had to work out of town, so when we came in town they were really great to work with. We recommend them to our friends and family.

- Audrey Norton

I have had the great opportunity of working with Dave in the last several years. I have both sold and bought a house through Robison & Company Real Estate. One of the things I found most impressive was the quick turn around when I left a message for him. For as long as I have known Dave, he has always been a very straight forward, honest and trustworthy man. I would recommend him hands down for anyone’s real estate needs.

- Brandon and Ros Fielding

My wife and I were married 8 years ago and met Dave Robison after buying a small starter home in Midvale, Utah. Initially, we were impressed with Dave’s positive outlook and vibrance for life. It didn’t take long for us to also recognize his strength of character and integrity in everything he says and does. We knew he would be a long-time friend. When we made a decision to move a couple years later, it was a no-brainer for us to ask for Dave’s expertise. In the last 6 years, we’ve moved 3 times and Dave has assisted us every step of the way.

Each of our moves have been motivated by the different phases in our life. On each occasion, Dave has taken the time to meet with us and discuss our individual goals in moving. And of course, on each occasion Dave has helped us hit the mark. He identifies our criteria, works diligently to locate buyers and sellers that meet our goals and negotiates hard with our best interests in mind. Our last 2 sales have taken a total of 12 days (from the time of listing to our agreeing to the proposed terms from the buyers) and have yielded us 11% more than our original recommended sales price. Dave does it all, and then some. He is gracious, professional and follows up with us every step of the way.

His level of service and follow-through is beyond the norm and even the expected. We are confident in his abilities and openly recommend him to our friends and family.

- Quinn & Kellie Elzinga

Dave and other members of the Utah Dave® Team helped us sell our first home and buy our second. Every step of the way we felt like we were an important valued customer and friend. Dave and his team really worked hard to get to know us well, to learn our goals and dreams. If you’re looking for an agent that you’ll want to keep by your side for years, then there’s no one better than Dave.

- Kurtis and Beverly Constantine

It has been my absolute pleasure working with Dave, he understands his professional space, impacts on market, and effective timing better than anyone I have associated myself with in the Real Estate profession. Dave is sincere, responsive and a lot of fun. I am grateful for the association and the help he has given to me over the years.

- JD Barnes

I bought a townhouse about 2 years ago with Dave Robison and Kent Sorensen, and its worked out great. They helped me get into it, helped me understand how the process works, the market value, what I should offer, and it went well, they got us a good deal. They were professional to work with, I had a good experience, and there's no question I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. The best part for me was they understand the market and know what's going on so it made it more easy for me to dive into something I'd never done before.

- Shannon Topham

We have enjoyed using Jared and the Utah Dave® team to buy and sell multiple properties. We love how they take the stress and emotion out of the process. We trust their experience and knowledge so much that we refer them to all of our family and friends.

- Jared and Jill Bowcutt

Wow, you have shown my home more in one week than the previous agent did the entire 6 months! I just want to mail everybody a copy of our listing showing them that you sold it under one month's time. We will refer everybody to you!

- Ken & Chris Covert

Dave provides a value-added experience for his clients through unmatched personal service and great results. He understands the real estate market and works directly with his agents to ensure the satisfaction of his customers. Dave will go above and beyond to help you market your home or find the perfect property. He is also the most fun agent you will find. Just ask...I recommend him to all of my friends (and neighbors).

- Jen Washburn

I hired Dave Robison to sell my house after interviewing many realtors. I was impressed with the unique system he has set up in his office. His system is designed so that all of his realtors and other staff communicate with one another and work together. This system allowed any person in Dave’s office to know immediately what was happening with my house so the information could be passed on to me whenever it was needed. Dave is very knowledgeable in the real estate field, but he also was not afraid to try new things to find a solution that would help sell my house. I always felt that selling my house was important to Dave and his staff, and I feel that they took my questions and suggestions seriously. I have recommended Dave and his team to others, and I will continue to recommend his services. Thank you again, Dave. I enjoyed working with all of you!

- David and Rosie Ferguson

I know a lot of Realtors. I work with dozens of them. I used 2 prior to Dave who couldn’t get my home sold. Dave was able to get it sold, when others had failed. He’s good. The level of service and professionalism that he provided was a breath of fresh air compared to others we had used before. Bottom Line: Dave will be selling me next home for me.

- Mike Burnett

Dave is a class-act from start to finish. He has been greatly blessed with success and his strongest desire is to share that with others and help them to achieve success. Aside from this, he strives to abide by the highest of standards. On a personal note, Dave is one that I am pleased to consider as a friend both to myself and my wife. I do not hesitate to give Dave the highest of recommendations.

- Stephen and Lydia Taggart

The people at goBE realty are great. They're the best to work with. Had an incredible experience working with UtahDave. He took care of us, was always there for us, answered our questions, and did everything to help us feel taken care of as customers. Very unique, and pleasant experience for us. We love our house, we have referred them to our friends. I wouldn't work with anybody else. 

- Jeff Young

Dave was an absolute joy to work with. We attempted to use other agents only to find ourselves feeling like we were at a used car dealership and the salesman only cared about the sale. Dave was very patient and willing to help in every step of the home purchase process. As it was our first home, we felt extremely fortunate to have a true friend assist (even though we had never met him before).

- Juarez Family

The thing that I liked best was your ability to negotiate the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home. Your communication skills are fantastic! Every time I called or emailed you, you always returned the call or emailed me back. That really set my mind at ease and made me feel confident in the decision we made for you to be our agent.

- Ken & Val Krieger

Dave was extremely on the ball with every aspect of the sale of our home. Our home sold within an extremely short amount of time, and for full asking price. We will definitely go with Dave again in the future when it is time to place our current home on the market.

- Jared and Mia Prazen

We have just LOVED working with Dave and his team! While trying to sell our house he was very informative and helpful with all of our concerns. He made the process slick and easy! I would recommend Utah Dave®! to anyone looking to buy or sell a house!

- Waegners

We have always trusted the agents at goBE realty. They are right on the ball and they have a lot of really good knowledge of the whole valley. Buying a home with them was quick, painless, and seamless.

- Maryanne Brown

The Utah Dave Team is great! As an absentee home owner I never worried about my home. During one showing the agent noticed a gas leak. My agent took care of everything, he met with the gas company and had the gas turned off until the leak could be fixed. But the best part, they keep you informed. I could check a web site everyday and see all activity on my home from showings to when flyers were printed and delivered. If I move back to Utah my first stop will be the Utah Dave office.

- Alice Hardison

Dave is a very personable agent. Dave and those working with him helped my wife and I find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood. He’s awesome!

- George & Ashley Williams

I want to give a big Hurrah for goBE realty, they did a home for me several years ago, they did a great job, they took care of a bunch of things that were very difficult in the process. Since then I've sent them a lot of referrals and they've done a great job with everybody I've referred over to them. If you need to buy or sell a home go see UtahDave and the team at goBE realty. In a competitive market you want Dave and his team on your side. He takes a creative and energetic approach that sets him apart from his competition.

- Aaron Taylor

We had a great experience working with Dave. We have always loved working with him. He is one of the nicest and most humble person we have ever met. Thank you for your support to get us through the process.

- Bhawna Kadyan and Sarvinder Sandhu

Dave is well connected when it comes to Utah real estate…might be missing something if you don’t talk to him. We trust him completely and recommend all our friends and family his way. He helped us purchase our first two homes and will be the Realtor we partner with when/if we decide to move again. We trust him completely and recommend all our friends and family to Dave.

- Jason & Jenn Tripp

Utah Dave sold my home in one month when every other home was taking 6 months. And to top that miracle off, he sold my home for top dollar! NOT A SINGLE HOME SOLD HIGHER THAN MINE IN OVER 11 MONTHS! (Even during the boom)

Another Realtor even came over to look at our house while it was under contract trying to figure out how Utah Dave sold it so fast and why other Realtors' listings weren't selling.

- Daiana Springer

Five years ago my wife and I were looking to purchase a home. We planned on flipping houses and wanted a realtor that we could trust and had our best interest in mind. I researched, looked for reviews, and called tons of realtors. At the end of this process I felt overwhelmingly that Dave was our man. I am not sure if it was his POSITIVE attitude, his fun personality, his obvious expertise in his field, or the feeling that you get when you know you can trust the person you are talking to. Whatever it was, our opinion of Dave has only increased over the years. He helped us get a steal on our first house. We paid $90,000 and with a lot of hard work we had it in great shape. We called Dave and told him we were looking to sell. After a few weeks on the market we sold our house for more that any other house had ever sold for in that neighborhood, $150,000. With Dave’s help we made the move to Daybreak. We got in at just the right time, and we got a great deal on a small starter home. Prices went crazy for a while and we were working on making improvements and finishing the basement. Well, as we all know, the market sunk and it became nearly impossible to sell a house. For some reason we got a bug and wanted to look at options on a different home. We called Dave and after a few days he called us with an opportunity in our area. There was a home that was a short sale that was our dream home. We didn’t have a ton of extra money to spend but thought we would look into it. Well after looking at the house we decided to give it a try and Dave told us what he thought we should list our house for. We decided that we wanted about $5000 more than what Dave recommended and he said he would list if for whatever we wanted. Well, two weeks went by and I think we had one person come look at our home. We got nervous and called Dave we told him to list the house for the price he recommended and instantly we had 2-5 people looking a week! We were able to sell about a month later. We got an unbelievable deal on our new home and all things considered we are paying about the same amount as our smaller house. This whole move was due to Dave. He found the deal, showed us how we could sell, and got us a great deal on our new home. Every step of the way and especially on this last home purchase there were things that Dave did that he didn’t have to that lost him money and saved us big time. He truly will look out for your best interests, regardless of what is best for him. I know thus because that is what he has done for us. We value him as a friend and will always use him as our Realtor.

- Jason and Kendra Greensides

As a young family looking to get into our first home, we sure appreciated “Utah Dave®’s” friendly expertise. At that time he was mostly working in Salt Lake County, but he patiently drove us around to show us homes in northern Davis County. We have been in our home for over 7 years now, and we are glad that Dave was willing to “go the extra mile” and help us get into the perfect home for our family. They don’t call him Utah Dave® for nothin!

- Zack and Stacey Brown

My buying experience with goBE Realty was amazing, they took into consideration everything we were looking for and he perfectly pin-pointed exactly what we were looking for. They only showed us what we were interested in. It was amazing, he listened to what we needed. They know the market, they know the yearly statistics, they know when its good to buy, when its good to sell, its amazing! From start to finish the process was so smooth, we were pre-approved before we even started looking. Every little detail was done before we even knew it needed to be done. It went so smooth, we loved it. My house is amazing, its exactly what we wanted, and I refer all my friends and family to goBE.

- Kalee Taylor

I met Dave Robison 3 years ago when I purchased my first home. Working in the Title and Escrow Industry, I knew the importance of choosing a knowledgeable Realtor. The first time I spoke with Dave I was immediately impressed by his candor, competence and professionalism. He went above and beyond my expectations throughout the entire closing process and I would recommend Dave to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

- Jennifer Shubert

As an owner of multiple homes, and a real estate investor, I have worked with many Realtors over the years. I can say without question that Dave Robison is the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He and his team are timely and professional, and he is truly an expert in the Utah market.


- Bill Smith (Vice President Landesk)

Dave is a great Realtor to work with. He knows the market well, is easy to talk to and helped us get a great deal on a home in Saratoga Springs. I recommend Dave for anyone looking for Realtor services in the future.

- Lee and Hannah Jones

goBE has done great on our house. They helped us sell our home and it was quick, they were on top of things, and it was a wonderful experience.

- Julia Aukshun