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For many homeowners looking to sell their property, the idea of paying a real estate commission is a bit daunting. The national average rate paid to a Realtor upon sale is 5%. Therefore, on a $400,000 property, the seller would pay $20,000 from his or her profit — a significant amount of money for sure, but is it worth it? Consider the following before making your own informed decision.

Getting the price right. One of the most important aspects of putting your home on the market is getting the listing price right. Most homes fail to sell because they are priced too high. The best way to know how to price your home is to do a competitive market analysis. Taking inventory of all of the recent home sales in your area and considering homes similar to

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Fancy staging may be all the rage when you read about listing your home, but the experts agree that staying neutral is the way to garner the most interest in real estate. When it comes to décor, see how less is more while selling your home.

Neutral is the new black. Paint color can make a dramatic and lasting impact on any room, but it’s also a highly personal choice. While you may love your blue powder room and be tickled pink in your baby’s nursery, a prospective buyer may walk away feeling overwhelmed by the idea of painstakingly redecorating every room. Painting a neutral palette throughout the home leaves more to the imagination, and looks move-in ready. The new owners can take comfort in the fact that they can live in a neutral space while

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How Do You Know Which Real Estate Agent Has Better Marketing and Results? 


If you bump into any real estate agent, they are bound to tell you how good the market is today, and how they have sold homes in day or so. Maybe even a friend or neighbor will tell you their own story.  Even in a great market your results from your home sale differ though! 

The difference may be in price, concessions, inspection negotiations, days on market, if there are appraisal or loan issues or even in just handling the overall transaction smoothly.  Some of these differences will go by unnoticed to the seller.  So how do you really know you are going to get the best results?  In Daybreak there have been 461 new homes listed on the market.  Only 181 have sold so

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We all know that person who has way too much stuff. But what happens when that person has to pack up and move away? It can take large amounts of time, sweat, and tears to move a pack rat. We have a few tips you can use that will hopefully make moving the pack rat a little bit easier.

Start by sorting
Before you even begin the packing process, you must go through all of the clutter. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re only moving the important items and not wasting time moving items that should be thrown away. Create piles of stuff that can be trashed, can be sold, and can be moved.

Use rational reasoning
While you’re sorting, it may get emotional and the person may want to keep every single item. You must reason with them rationally by

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