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Buying a Home in Daybreak

Thinking about buying a home in Daybreak? Daybreak was designed as a traditional development model meaning the homes are within walking distance, or biking to all of the major amenities, such as the lake, shopping, parks, schools, and more, to reduce the need for driving. Inspired by the great neighborhoods, such as The Avenues, Sugarhouse, and Harvard-Yale in Salt Lake City, Daybreak is a beautiful, bright community of homes that will continue to expand with lovely Colonial style, Craftsman, and Victorian style homes, like this charming 6-bedroom 3-bath home.

buying a home in Daybreak

From the exterior to the interior, this gorgeous home has everything that you are looking for. Relax on your quiet street from your covered porch, or in your

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Are you thinking about buying a home in Utah? When it comes to great economic health, real estate is the "juice" of our economy. Everything moves together and feeds off each other. When the job market is on top of its game, that leads to more investment in construction, which provides jobs to construction companies, lumber, and other building material companies, real estate agents, and people who can finally afford to buy a home. It all works together with real estate as the initiator. So if you are considering buying a home in Utah, the market is giving you the green light to start your search. buying a home in Utah The only downside to this strong, in-motion turn for the better is the fact that people are having a harder time getting loans, many people are bidding on the

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The national census bureau just released information about the fastest growing cities in the nation. Can you guess which Utah city was ranked 2nd?

! Here are a few clues about the city. How quickly can you identify which city it is?

  1. The city is almost the exact shape and size as the island of Manhattan
  2. It is mass-transit friendly with 2 TRAX stops as well as a FrontRunner stop
  3. It is located 18 miles from downtown Salt Lake City
  4. This city is responsible for the federal law that school busses stop and open their doors at railroad crossings
  5. It is the first city in the world to have 2 LDS temples

Did you guess it?  

  Keep scrolling for the answer...  





. .

  That's right South Jordan was ranked

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The statistics haven't even been finalized yet, but everyone is extremely excited about the housing market. How come?

Right now we are seeing indicators that suggest we may be breaking records for home sales. The current number of homes under contract indicate that we have TRIPLE the amount of normal activity on the housing market.

Here is an example:

In South Jordan, in the $400K - $500K price range we normally see approximately 15 homes under contract at a time. With the number of homes on the market this represents a 5-6 month inventory. In the past few weeks those number have Tripled!

Currently there are approximately 45 homes Under Contract. That's three times the normal 15 homes. With the current inventory of 54 homes available on the

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Are you buying a home in Daybreak? As you struggle to find the home for sale in Daybreak that you love the most, I have a listing here that will knock your socks off! This home will definitely make buying a home in Daybreak a much easier task. This amazing 4-bedroom 4-bath home is former model home built to perfection by the Bangerter Brothers Construction company. These people know how to build’um!

buying a home in Daybreak

With tons of upgrades, including granite, hardwood floors, updated kitchen cabinets, and so much more, this home offers the most when it comes to design, quality, functionality, and comfort. What more could you ask for in a home? But there is more, it’s also in a fantastic location close to the lake. This home will exceed your expectations and will be

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There are a few surprises that can disrupt your home purchase. Can you imagine finding the home of your dreams, one that meets all of your needs and most of your wants, only to discover you can't buy it? There are a number of things that can cause this catastrophe. One common surprise that can ruin a home purchase is a bad credit score.

Knowing how your credit score is calculated can help you protect your score. That way you will not be surprised when you seek qualification for your home purchase. Most credit scores range between 300 and 850. To get a mortgage you'll want to maintain at least a 620, depending on your financing.

Here are the 5 Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

1. Types of Credit: 10% of your credit score is based on the type

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Buying a short sale in Daybreak can be a hassle if you don’t work with the right agent. We are short sale experts with years of experience dealing with the short sale process. The bottom line is that if you consider a short sale, you will get a property for a substantial discount. Since the lenders are eager to continue to get a paid back the money it loaned out, it is in their best interest to sell the home to the right person. You should know that short sales are different than regular sales and will require more patience. If you are willing to wait, the buying a short sale in Daybreak will be a smart move for a discounted home.

short sale in Daybreak

This short sale is in the beginning stages and is a very cool, modern condo that is ready to move-in. This home will

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I get asked this question a lot. "What do I need to get a mortgage?" To help others who may be wondering the same thing, I've compiled this list of items you need to get a mortgage. It is important to gather this paperwork before you being looking at homes. I've seen hopeful buyers miss the house of their dreams because they weren't prepared. It takes time to gather your paperwork and get qualified. If you find the home you want first, it may be gone by the time you get everything you need for the mortgage. In today's market homes can sell quick, and those who are prepared and pre-qualified are able to act fast.

What do you Need for a Mortgage?

W-2 Forms for the past 2-3 years for every person signing on the loan (if you are self employed use

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Zillow is a popular real estate website that uses public records to estimate the value of homes. However, in Utah they have a problem: Utah is a non-disclosure state. That means home owners are not required  to disclose what they purchased their house for. That means Zillow doesn't know what your neighbor's homes sold for, or what you bought your home for. Making their estimates without public records makes Zillow very inaccurate in Utah.

So the question is do they estimate too high or too low. Because it still provides a starting point right? Unfortunately wrong. If their estimates were always high or always low it could still offer some value, but with no information to go on their estimates are all over the place.

For example here are two homes

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Have you been searching for a short sale in Ogden? Before you do, there are a few things you should know. First of all, short sale homes are not the same as regular homes. They have a different process that require patience and diligence, so finding the right agent is essential. As you consider buying a short sale in Ogden, consider these tips to help you have an understanding of what to expect when buying a short sale in Ogden.

short sale in Ogden

1. Get pre-approved, not just pre-qualified Short sale are expensive for lenders as it is, the last thing they will want to do is have a buyer fall out during escrow. Get ahead of the competition and get pre-approved. Show them you have your financial ducks in a row and that you are a serious buyer.

2. Have great

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