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We had quite the storm blow through Daybreak this week. In fact some areas had wind gusts over 60 MPH! This could pose a problem for some Daybreak residents with loose items on their porch. Everybody loves their Daybreak porch, but when the wind comes what can you do to keep your couch pillows from blowing away? A friend of mine showed my a neat little trick that they use to keep their pillow on their porch where they belong.

One of the first things people mention to me about Daybreak is the beautiful porches. The porch is an extension of the home out into the beautiful community of Daybreak. It is a place to customize your living space. It is also a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Daybreak’s views and landscape. But for that you need a

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Daybreak has added a lot of exciting amenities to South Jordan city. Maybe you’ve seen the children frolicking in the Splash Pad at Soda Row or witnessed groups of children laughing at the Splash Pool on Kestrel Rise. Now its time for all of South Jordan to get their splash on at The Oquirrh Shadows Splash Park!

This Splash Pad will be located at4150 W South Jordan Parkway, just North of Daybreak. The inclusion of the Splash Pad in Oquirrh Shadows Park has always been part of the plan, but funds have recently become available for it’s construction. The designs are almost done and construction is expected to begin soon! The Splash Pad should be complete and open to the Public in June of this year.

You can see from this photo below that there are

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You know about Daybreak’s outdoor recreation opportunities.

You know about the beautiful and energy efficient home designs.

But did you know that Daybreak fosters some of Utah’s finest talent?

I recently told you about Shannon Hall (on the NYT bestseller list for 2013). Now I want to show you the talent of another Daybreak resident.

Check out this video of Mike Bearden’s A Capella cover of Happy (from Despicable Me 2).

You can purchase the single on I-tunes here for $.99.

Have you noticed that the internet desperately lacks tall m

en singing a Capella while dancing awkwardly? Mike is here to fill that void. You can follow him on Facebook orSubscribe to his YouTube channel for more videos he’s working on.


What other talent

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Guest Blog by - Rianne Hunter:

Pros and Cons of Moving Your Own Stuff: Should You Hire Help or Not?

Moving day is a day that not many people look forward to. It is a day where you try to move as many things from one place to another as fast as you can without breaking or damaging anything. That is one of the reasons why offers a Free Moving Truck to clients after they buys or sell a home through a Neighborhood Expert.

Should you hire professional movers to help you with your move?

When Should You Hire Movers?

There are times when hiring a mover makes more sense than trying to move on your own. Consider hiring a mover if:

  • You Have a Long Way to Go

If you have a long move ahead of you, you may not want to drive a car

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