December 2019

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For virtually anyone preparing to buy a new home, a primary consideration will be a mortgage loan to help finance the purchase. Buyers will have to consider not only the price of the home they desire and their general budget, but also areas like taxes, insurance, closing fees and others when determining how much to borrow from a lender.

At Daybreak Living, our real estate agents are here to not only help you locate and buy homes for sale in our numerous communities, but also to offer expertise and advice on numerous areas, including mortgages and borrowing. Today’s blog will focus on some general rules of thumb when it comes to how much you should be borrowing and how this compares to your overall financial picture, plus how these factors connect to

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As Daybreak continues to grow, so do the businesses at SoDA Row.  The Azalea Event Venue can accommodate up to 190 people for your wedding, corporate event, or anything in between.  Decorated in an industrial-modern vibe, The Azalea features a brick accent wall, lush greenery, ambiant lighting, plus tons of natural light.  Click this link to book your 2020 event The Azalea 

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