October 2010

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I have met with a lot of home buyers lately who "can't make up their mind". They tell me that the more homes they see, the further they get from finding their dream home. Surprisingly, this is exactly what is happening. As an agent it is my job to prevent this from happening to my clients. I love working with these homes buyers, they have great talents. While some agents become frustrated, I recognize your talents as a great opportunity.   If you are one of "those" buyers, it is important for your agent to realize that your need for information is a talent! You have a talent for avoiding risk by researching. We have a tool for identifying our buyer's talents and needs. Early studies have shown that this assessment identifies which neural…
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Where to Sell a Home in Utah this October!

You've heard that it's a buyer's market. This can be an advantage if you are selling your home. If you live in one of these Hot Spots, demand is higher in your area. You’ll be able to sell your home for top dollar. Then you can take advantage of the great deals available elsewhere as a buyer. The lower interest rates give you more buying power. If you live in a hot spot, now is the time to list your home.

Utah’s Hot Spots are the zip codes and prices ranges that had the most demand last month. Economic improvement and recovery start in hot spots and then spread to other areas of the valley. Purchasing a home in one of these hot spots gives you a front row seat to economic recovery.

1. Riverton, Zip 84065

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