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This home was built by the same builder and is the same floor plan in Daybreak. Both of these homes were listed in the summer with top real estate agents. However, the result is very different…



Sold for $83,000 less Than House B!!! 4 months on Market. Had an extra Fireplace in Master and 2nd Kitchen in Basement. Same style of flooring and paint as House B.



goBE SOLD by Utah Dave! Sold for $83,000 More than the other listing! Sold in the First Weekend on market. 

When choosing a good Realtor to work with make sure you choose one that has experience and PROOF of RESULTS! Call 801-966-4000 to see more proof.

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Everyone asks me “When is the best time to buy a home?” The answer: Before April 1st!

Waiting until after April 1st will cost you money. Big money! In fact, waiting until after April 1st could cost you at least 6% of your home purchase. That means you’ll be paying a lot more for your house!

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy before April 1st.

1.) Supply and Demand! The last time we saw our current levels of supply and demand was 2005. Do you remember what happened last time? Prices skyrocketed. Here is our situation: the supply of homes is less than 50% what it was a year and a half ago. If you've been looking at the homes for sale you've noticed that many are short sales that already have multiple offers. This means you will

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YOUR HOME, one of your greatest financial assets, can also be a source of extra income, with a little creativity. With the slump in home values, people have been thinking outside the box to get a little extra cash from of their home. There are many common ways of getting extra money from your home such as renting out an extra room or selling some of your clutter. But what about using your home exterior for advertising? Offering your home as a location for magazine or film shoots? Or even renting out your driveway? These are some of the creative ways homeowners are pulling extra cash from their home.

Recently a company called Braniacs from Mars offered to make your mortgage payments for you for up to a year! What do you have to do? Fill out the

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