January 2011

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Congratulations Daybreak Utah!

Daybreak was just awarded ”Top Community” and “Suburban Smart Growth Honors” from the National Association of Home Builders! 

These awards recognize Daybreak’s developers, builders and architects for their focus on creating a lasting community that will maintain value over time and reduce its impact on the environment.

Here are some of Daybreak’s award-winning features:

  • SoDa Row: 10 locally-owned and operated retail stores which providelocal jobs as well as retail options.
  • Conveniently located schools, shops, restaurants, and parks, which promote an active life-style while conserving energy.
  • LEED-certified/”green” commercial buildings and every Daybreak home is Energy Star certified.
  • The Mid-Jordan TRAX
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In many situations, when you have a debt cancelled or forgiven, it is considered income and can be taxable. When you short sale your home, the amount of debt forgiven can be quite substantial. Because most Short Sales are the result of hardship, it would be very difficult to meet this extra tax burden. Thankfully, the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 was established to prevent this.

The Debt Relief act allows those who have had to short sale their home, to exclude the debt forgiven from their income. This requires that the short sale be on the seller's principal residence. Debt can also be reduced through mortgage restructuring or loan modification. This debt forgiveness also qualifies under the Debt Relief act to be excluded from income.
The scope of

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Could the statistics section of Active Rain be useful in determining Featured posts? What new metrics could be added to make the statistics more helpful for blog writers?

The statistics section of Active Rain provides three metrics for evaluating Blogs: View, clicks, and comments. The views are how often the Blog title appeared on the blog roll. Effectively, how many times your blog COULD have been read. If you are familiar with Facebook insights, this is similar to "impressions". Once your blog has been viewed, you want it to be read. Active Rain calls this next step "Clicks".

Clicks are when a viewer actually clicks the link to your blog, instead of just looking at the title and summary on the blog roll. Obviously no one can click your blog

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Now that it is a new year I keep getting asked by friends and clients if 2011 is the year to sell. My response is always: "Take a look into my Crystal Ball!"

The Crystal Ball uses recent sales and homes on market statistics to predict the probability of a successful sale. It also arms you with valuable information the market over the past year. Homes on Market (supply), as well as Homes Sold and Homes Under Contract (demand). It also offers an average Months on Market, so you know what time-frame you may be looking at. This information prepares you to sell your home when demand is the highest.   Each month I look for the 5 areas with the highest probability of selling. These areas are Hot Spots! If you live in a Hot Spot we should evaluate your…
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