December 2021

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Second in line to the anticipation of being able to buy fresh beautiful tulips in the grocery store in January, is the release of the Pantone (and other popular paint company's) paint color of the year!  In 2021, we saw interior paint trends that leaned mostly towards earthy tones with a pop of brightness. The predictions for 2022, which are largely influenced by fashion, pop culture, technology, design, and current events, is the opposite with Pantone's color being the pop, followed by very similar earthy (green & brown) selections as in 2021.  This shouldn't come as a  surprise as our current events, fashion, pop culture, etc...have not changed much from last year.  While more employees are back to work at the office, travel is more prevalent, and

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There are several important steps that take place during the homebuying process, and one of these involves the professional, objective evaluation of the value of a given property. This is known in the real estate world as the appraisal process, and it's one that all buyers should be aware of as they begin scouring the market. 

At Daybreak Living, we're happy to walk our prospective buyers through all the important parts of the process if they're looking to purchase any of our homes, condos or townhomes for sale in Utah. This includes all the valuation elements that may go into your process, such as appraisal. What is appraisal, why is it required, and what are some other important details to be aware of? We'll go over everything in this two-part blog

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