February 2012

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You've heard that insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting different results; so why do we keep doing it? Sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of repeated behaviors because we don't stop long enough to analyze our situation. We panic and the little voice in our head says, "Don't just sit there do something!" So we do something, and it is usually the same thing we've done multiple times before.

Recently, I had a seller come up to me frustrated with their home sale. It sat on the market with another agent for over a year and would not sell. So I asked what they'd been doing to sell the property. Over the course of that year they had dropped the price on the home over $100,000! You'd think dropping the price would be enough right? But it was not

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It's February so... where's the LOVE?

Let's be honest, some neighborhoods get more love than others. We're talking about love from buyers of course. Areas with love are Hot Spots. Homes in these areas sell faster than other areas. So where's the love this month?

Based on recent activity these are the top 5 areas to buy/sell a home in February.


West Valey City 84128   $250k - $300k 
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Salt Lake City 84105      $500k - $750k 
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Salt Lake City 84103      $200k - $250k 
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Salt Lake City 84105      $200k - $250k Search Available Homes          History  Sandy 84093      $200k - $250k
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