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Just this morning I saw about 4 new properties hit the market. All 4 of them broke the new digital age rule of marketing homes for sale.

What happened?  I got an email of a new listing and went to click on the details and it had 0 photos.

What usually happens? My buyers tell me they skip over it, don't even put it on their list of homes to see. Others try to save it for later in case photos are posted in a few days. Then it gets lost through the shuffle of other homes just listed.

The Numero uno rule for marketing a home online is to have professional photos taken before you list the home. These photos need to be posted right when the home is listed. Most emails, alerts, and notifications go out to buyers immediately. If there are no photos,

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This is a very cute short sale in Ogden that would make a great starter home for a first time buyer, or an investment property. The price has been drastically reduced and it can close quickly, so make an offer now. This darling home is in great condition with a vibrant color scheme, and a lot to offer the right family. You may be asking yourself, "What is a short sale?" A short sale is when you sell your house at a price that is lower than the balance you owe on the home. So it is very likely that you can get a really good deal on a short sale because lenders take these homes on because it costs less than going into foreclosure.

short sale in Ogden

This cute little house is in a great location near schools, parks, the freeway, restaurants, shopping, and theaters. You

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The top priority of the seller is pricing your home appropriately. Approximately 90% of home buyers search for homes online. What is the first thing they search for? Price! There are a few important things to consider when pricing the home to maximize visibility and result: 

  • You want the home to show up in as many searches as possible
  • You want to get the highest price possible for your home
  • You want the price to be appealing to buyers 
  • You do NOT want to eliminate potential buyers by pricing too high
  • You do NOT want to start too high and have your home sit on the market forever. This would cause your final sales price to fall
Your primary goal as a seller is to have the home show up in as many searches as possible to maximize…
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Flyers used to be the way to market a home. When a home buyer drives by a house they want information. Flyers provide a quick and anonymous way to get the information about the home. The only other option people had was to call the number on the sign and talk to the agent. Most people didn't want to call the agent because they just want the information, they want to remain anonymous. This causes a problem when selling a home, there's no way to follow up with these buyers.

Because of our success selling homes, I am asked by a lot of people about my marketing strategies. I explain that our primary goal when marketing the home is to talk to every potential buyer. When interested buyers pick up flyers, it is a missed opportunity to market the home.

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Are you buying a home in Daybreak? Then this is a must-see listing. This is a home that is beautiful from the outside in, with gorgeous curb-appeal and stunning, modern interior. This home has all of the upgrades that you would want and expect from a home, and it is in a great location near schools and parks for your children and the entire Daybreak community with lots of shopping, dining, and trax lines. This is the place to be, and buying a home in Daybreak will provide you with a quality of life that will be beyond your expectations.

buying a home in Daybreak

All of the details of this home come together to create a beautiful home with modern, chic design that is functional and comfortable. This home has amazing finishes, such as the plantation shutters, elegant

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You may have noticed a small trend on Youtube lately. A couple of videos out there called: The Harlem Shake.

As a special St. Patrick's day gift to you, I proudly present:

The UtahDave Harlem Shake Video


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If a house appraises for $X,000 and it sells for $X,000 then negotiating is kind of a mute point right?  Well, let's take a look at what an appraisal is.

First, an appraisal is an opinion of value. On the other hand, fair market value is the value a willing buyer and seller agree upon while neither of them are under any duress. Do you see the difference? Let me give you an example:  when I was first in the business over a decade ago I had an appraisal come in $20k lower than our agreed sales price. I explained to the buyer that this appraisal was 'an opinion of value' and fair market value may be $20k more. It took us another week, but sure enough we sold the home for $20k more with an appraisal that worked.

There is a misconception that

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