December 2018

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Modern technology like the internet has brought us many amazing capabilities, but it’s also created certain risks and avenues for unscrupulous people to try and take advantage of others. And while this isn’t necessarily a huge concern in the world of real estate and buying property for sale, it does show up at times in one big negative area: Real estate wire fraud.

At Daybreak Real Estate, our agents are fully up to speed on how real estate wire fraud happens and the precautions needed to prevent it. Our transactions are all fully secured through high-level verification formats, and you never have to worry about information being compromised. Let’s look at how this kind of fraud happens to those who don’t have such protections, plus how it can be

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goBE Realty has teamed up with Project Sleep Tight USA to provide a smiling face and some holiday spirit to children ages 1-12 this Christmas. Project sleep tight donates totes with a fleece blanket, toothbrush, book, and stuffed animal to homeless and displaced children. goBE would appreciate your help in being able to put a smile on several children's faces. Please help us a fill our Circus cart with the following items: a chapter book (for an elementary student), fleece blanket, or 8" - 12" stuffed animal at our goBE office located at 10380 S. Redwood Road. If you cannot drop off your item(s), we will gladly have our courier pick up them up. Items must be new with tags and collected by December 14th. All donors will be entered into a drawing for a free

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