July 2010

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The dust is starting to settle from the recent government assistance program. And the question on everyone's mind is... what now?

It is still a great time to buy because of low interest rates, and it is a good time to sell because buyers need properties to purchase! The recent grants were only for 1st time homebuyers and those who’d lived in their current home for more than five years. What if you weren't on this short list? If you couldn't get the grant, now is the time for you!
You can still get a great deal on a home! Now that all those who did qualify for the grant have their home, it leaves room for you to get your dream home! Knowing when and where to sell & purchase a home is vital to Real Estate success. The demand and value is highest in Utah’s

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Learning the Ropes

My career in real estate started when I was able to improve upon my surroundings. I’d been watching my dad purchase and flip homes with great success for years. After a while I was able to duplicate his success and was even able to improve upon it. As I gained personal experience I focused on investments that would have substantial cash-flow within 45 days! The market may change, but the secrets remain the same.

I continue to use these secrets to help everyone interested in the real estate market. Some people will try to convince you that the days of real estate investing and successful home buying are gone. But that is not the case. At the beginning of the California Gold Rush farmers and ranchers were finding gold on the ground

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