February 2021

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The Covid-19 as a public health dilemma has changed every peron’s life in almost every aspect. It also altered businesses on a global scale and created havoc in the real estate sector. Hence, real estate agents in Daybreak Utah are taking bold steps to address each challenge along with this unprecedented crisis by proactively implementing reforms and new real estate systems that are reliable in terms of regular operations and how clients buy or sell homes.

Interventions are in place and little by little, this sector has adapted and strengthened its ways. But the common question still remains—how did realtors in Daybreak Utah successfully coped with the current pandemic? We’ve listed the top three most palpable ways:

How Realtors in Daybreak Utah Successfully Coped with the Current Pandemic?

Scaled-up Technology-

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HomeLight, a real estate referral company, surveyed more than 1000 real estate professionals nationwide asking them what they saw as the biggest housing issues for 2021. 

No surprise, the #1 issue...Inventory Shortages.  We saw 2020 leave us with this same issue so this shouldn't come as a shock.  The NAR (National Association of Realtors) reported that November 2020 had a 22% decrease in available homes compared to November 2019.  The Midwestern region of the US was the least affected by a housing shortage; the South Atlantic was the most affected. 

#2 Issue...Widely distributed vaccines to boost consumer confidence. Also not surprising is how Covid -19 has impacted the housing market.  Of the 1000 agents surveyed, 50% felt that a vaccine could

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