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FHA loan limits have increased! The FHA loan limits went from $304,500 to $312,800 in Salt Lake County. What dose this mean to buyers and sellers? If you buy in Salt Lake County with an FHA loan purchase price (typically putting down 3.5%) this makes your ​purchase power increase from last year approximately $8,000.

Something for Sellers to keep in mind: if you list your home for $325,000-$440,000 you are only making your home available to buyers that are able to put 5% down (this price range is above the 3.5% down FHA limit). However;  if you list at $325,000 you then add a plethora of buyers to your purchasing pool by including 5% down buyers AND 3.5% down buyers. This makes your home an option for many more buyers and your ability to sell that

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Congress has proposed new limits on FHA loans. How will this affect people in Utah? It will reduce your purchasing power is some price ranges. If you want to purchase a home in Salt Lake county close to $600,000, or if you are intending to purchase a home in Utah county anywhere above $270,000, you may not be able to get FHA financing. Anyone who wants to purchase a home above the FHA limit will have to get a conventional loan for that house. Conventional loans have more strict requirements, and may have a higher rate. One thing for sure, you WILL be required to make a larger down payment for a conventional loan.

If you, or anyone you know, will be purchasing a home near the proposed limit you need to close soon. If passed, these limits will go into

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