February 2013

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About 2 years ago, our team was brainstorming what our billboard should say. After testing a few of our ideas online our fanbase picked this one as their favorite. So we had it made and posted all across the Salt Lake valley. Yes, there were a few people who felt it was insensitive to those getting their homes foreclosed on, however the majority of people understood the real message. Many of the people who picked this billboard had even experienced the difficulties of foreclosure personally. The billboard received a lot of laughs as it depicted a fictional family: the Joneses. About the Joneses:   The Joneses are the family that everyone envies because they have all the nicest gadgets, the biggest house, and the most expensive things. However,…
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Do you remember a few years ago when you could get up to $26,000 in free grant money to buy a home? What about the other program that offered $30,000 free money to short sell your home? It seemed like everyone else was getting free money but you right?

I know the feeling.

I make sure I know when there's free money available. That way I can make sure my VIP clients score all the extra cash possible when buying a home.

You could get $5,000 to purchase a home. This money is kind of like standing in a Cash Cube. There's a time limit, and you have to grab it quick before the time runs out.

This is not an area-restricted grant. The $5,000 can be used to buy a home anywhere in Utah.Your time starts on March 1st! However, unlike the Cash Cube

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Buying your first home is a daunting experience. You've heard things from friends and family about the process, but every situation is different. Even if you purchased a home once before, but haven't owned a home in three years, you're considered a first ti

There are only 40 of these $5,000 grants available. You need to contact me fast if you want to get one.    

Liberty Bank Has Down Payment Assistance Grants to Award!!   We have Forty  (40)  $5,000 Federal Home Loan Bank grants to award.  Shouldn't one of your First Time Home Buyer (FTHB) clients be awarded one?

At Liberty Bank, we understand the unique requirements of the FTHB. Let us help your first time buyers with:
  • Federal Grants up to $5,000 for down payment and closing costs.
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Everyone asks me “When is the best time to buy a home?” The answer: Before April 1st!

Waiting until after April 1st will cost you money. Big money! In fact, waiting until after April 1st could cost you at least 6% of your home purchase. That means you’ll be paying a lot more for your house!

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy before April 1st.

1.) Supply and Demand! The last time we saw our current levels of supply and demand was 2005. Do you remember what happened last time? Prices skyrocketed. Here is our situation: the supply of homes is less than 50% what it was a year and a half ago. If you've been looking at the homes for sale you've noticed that many are short sales that already have multiple offers. This means you will

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