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EXHIBIT A: Listed with a different Brokerage


The home above was on the market 4 months and NEVER SOLD. Last listed at $339k (Below what we sold the exact home for shown below) This home has 3 tone paint, real hardwood floors, updated colors, and modern white kitchen with granite and backsplash. It's also partly fenced.


EXHIBIT B: Listed with Utah Dave @ goBE Realty


Meanwhile, this home sold for $340k in 3 weeks.   It only has 2 tone paint and brown colors. Formica counters throughout kitchen and upstairs instead of granite like the home above.​ Laminate hardwood not real hardwood floors. Also, no fence on this home as opposed to the partially fenced home that dind't sell. The only other difference between this home and the one above

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Same Builder... Same House... Same Area... Same Time on Market.... VERY DIFFERENT RESULTS


THEIRS: (LISTED WITH A DIFFERENT COMPANY: good experienced agent and brokerage)

House 2On the market for almost 2 years!

Ended with a Lease Option for thousands less than ours. 

Fully finished basement with wet bar

Larger yard/ lot

More upgrades in Master Bath




Offers within a few days!House 1

Sold for $345k

Only a partially finished basement

Smaller lot than comparable home above



Utah is a non-disclosure state on sales price. To gain sold data on listings that aren't ours call 801-966-4000.

As you can see in the apple to apple comparison that you see above, the real estate

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Views! Modern! Energy Efficient!


South Jordan House of the Month!


Kettle WaySolar powered energy efficient! Average $58 a month


Gorgeous Valley Views! Sits across the street from Park!


Modern Design 




2 Story Vaults

              Sit on your patio and enjoy the Mountain views and fresh air.  Its easy to relax in this home, after all, the solar power energy efficiency of paying $58 a month average allows you to spend your money elsewhere. This home is conveniently located near lots of parks/basketball courts/tennis courts/ and the neighborhood's new pool.     Call 801-966-4000 and find out about our SELL YOUR HOME GUARANTEED when you BUY THIS…
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While it may take some work to prepare for your open house, allowing interested buyers into their potential future home will make them feel at ease instantly and visualize this home as their own as they walk through and picture their belongings there.

Remember to declutter every area to accent the spaciousness of the home and it’s square footage. This will make the buyer even more interested when they see all the advantages of the space available and show the home at its best.


Keeping personal photos or other momentos out of sight will make the home more attractive to a potential buyer. This means they can picture their own belongings in these spaces.


One of the most important factors when having an open house is

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You've heard that insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting different results; so why do we keep doing it? Sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of repeated behaviors because we don't stop long enough to analyze our situation. We panic and the little voice in our head says, "Don't just sit there do something!" So we do something, and it is usually the same thing we've done multiple times before.

Recently, I had a seller come up to me frustrated with their home sale. It sat on the market with another agent for over a year and would not sell. So I asked what they'd been doing to sell the property. Over the course of that year they had dropped the price on the home over $100,000! You'd think dropping the price would be enough right? But it was not

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Who’s in your Home and What are they really doing there?

Our local Realtor’s association posts warnings time and time again about people who have been stealing medicine in cabinets, staking out homes, or are just up to no good.

3 Ways in keeping your home safe from these types of predators.

1. Utilization of a REALTOR Keybox. (Dont use a code keybox.) Most REALTORS utilize a keypad that they have to update through their computer weekly. If they dont update the keypad they cant gain access to homes. They also are given their own pin number to use the keypad. Whenever someone accesses your home via a REALTOR Risco Keypad system, it is logged for the listing agent and the board to know who gained access. This way you will only have authorized people

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