March 2008

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Are you Proactive or Reactive with your seller?


Your seller calls you first. Your seller calls you for fliers, calls you for updates on showings, and calls you if you are going to do a price drop. They also call you to see what is going on. You tell them Im sorry ive just been busy, the market is crazy and Ill get back to you right away.

(What do they end up thinking? That they have to babysit you!)

The Loan officer that is reactive:

You call the loan officer and ask them if they have appraiser...the loan officer is hard to get a hold of, you are constantly calling them and asking them if its in underwriting if docs are available, etc.

(What do you end up thinking? That you have to babysit the loan officer.)


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I recently had someone ask me....."Where are all the Hud homes," It seems like there arent any good deals.

If you bought a home years ago before the boom...would you consider that price a good deal?

There are homes like these. They just arent marked Hud home anymore. The past few years FHA loans werent popular...therefore we dont have HUD homes.

Utah is also lowest for foreclosures. They are harder to find. But there are great deals out there. I just bought one for 150k. I practice what I preach. When its time to buy...I buy. Are you buying?

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