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According to a recent Consumer Expenditure Survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Association of Home Builders, home buying typically generates a wave of activity as people who purchase homes spend money on improving their homes, installing new appliances, buying furnishings and other items.

NAHB’s analysis shows that a home purchase triggers a series of additional spending on appliances, furnishings and remodeling activities that exceed typical spending levels of non-moving owners and persist for two years after moving. Specifically, the NAHB analysis shows that during the first two years after closing on the house, a typical buyer of a new single-family detached home tends to spend on average $7,400 more than a

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Are you thinking about whether to buy/sell a home or other real estate in South Jordan, Utah? Here are some things to look for. Before you buy/sell a home, consider the neighborhood carefully. This factor has the biggest influence on a house’s value.

Consider the conditions of all the houses, as well as the streets, in your calculation before you buy/sell a home. Think about how close the area is to schools, parks, recreation, shopping and public transportation. If you love nature, consider how long it takes to get from the neighborhood to wild areas. Also think about how close together the houses are and consider the size of their lots..


When you find a house for sale that appeals to you, consider who is selling it. A Realtor

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Businessman signs contract behind home architectural modelConsidering buying a home in Daybreak or another Utah community? There are some things about Utah home buying you need to know before you sign the real estate purchase contract.

Although the process of Utah home buying is immensely rewarding, it can also seem a bit daunting. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the essential steps you need to take to have a smooth and enjoyable Utah home buying experience.

Step One: Get Pre-Qualified

Shop around for mortgage lenders and find out how much you are qualified to borrow—that is, how much they’re willing to lend you, based on your household income, existing debt, age, expenses and other factors. You can find online mortgage qualifier tools to get a general idea, but you should also talk with banks

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  At the Garden Park clubhouse on Friday, February 26th from 7-9pm there's going to be a Winter Wine-derland! For those 21 and older you can come and enjoy hors d'oeuvres, wine, and great company. Tickets are $12/person and you can call the DCC to check and see if there are spots left.   Other things to look forward to are Jazz Night (Feb 25th), Masquerade Ball (March 5th), Leprechaun Hunt (March 14th) and Spring Hullaballoo (March 26th).   Another important reminder is lake safety. The Daybreak lake is beautiful and frozen, but don't make the mistake of thinking that it's solid! It's extremely dangerous to venture out onto the lake for any reason so make sure that you keep yourself and your loved ones…
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EXHIBIT A: Listed with a different Brokerage


The home above was on the market 4 months and NEVER SOLD. Last listed at $339k (Below what we sold the exact home for shown below) This home has 3 tone paint, real hardwood floors, updated colors, and modern white kitchen with granite and backsplash. It's also partly fenced.


EXHIBIT B: Listed with Utah Dave @ goBE Realty


Meanwhile, this home sold for $340k in 3 weeks.   It only has 2 tone paint and brown colors. Formica counters throughout kitchen and upstairs instead of granite like the home above.​ Laminate hardwood not real hardwood floors. Also, no fence on this home as opposed to the partially fenced home that dind't sell. The only other difference between this home and the one above

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