Renovations to Avoid Before Selling Your Home

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At Daybreak Living, our real estate agents are proud to serve all our clients who might be looking to list a property for sale. We can assist you with everything from evaluating the proper price listing based on the market to walking you through a smart marketing plan, and everything in between.

One common question we’re asked by sellers or potential future sellers: What kinds of remodeling or renovation projects can I complete that will raise my home’s value? And while there are several good answers here, there’s a flip side to this that isn’t considered as often – renovations that do not bring good resale value and should be avoided if you’re thinking about selling anytime soon. Here are a few of the top examples here.

renovations avoid selling home

Swimming Pool

While a swimming pool might have a great look and bring some luxury to your back yard, it’s not generally considered a high-ROI upgrade for most homes. This is primarily due to the maintenance that comes with it – pools require significant time and money to maintain, from heating and filtering to cleaning and keeping up with pH levels.

In many cases, sellers actually include removal options for contracts when selling a home with a pool. This is only possible for above-ground pools, however – indoor pools are a bit tougher, and they won’t be attractive to some buyers based on things like time commitment, spending needs and even the risks around children or pets.

Luxury Enhancements

Down similar lines, there isn’t a whole lot of buyer interest on the market for luxury upgrades that go too far over-the-top of normal practical needs. You may love your wine cellar you’ve recently installed, for instance, but there’s just no guarantee buyers will feel the same way – and even some portion of the market having no interest in your home will lower your potential asking price.

There are a number of enhancements that might fit this description, including many outdoor water features, specialized roofing systems, bedrooms with custom features, high-tech offices, or huge closets that sacrifice bedroom space.


Some homeowners choose to convert some or all of their garage space into storage space, but this is a big no-no if you’re thinking of selling soon. The average buyer definitely wants garage space to protect vehicles and for other purposes – the garage itself tends to be a larger selling point than the space it occupies. If you’re looking for additional living space, prioritize other areas like the attic or basement if possible before considering the garage area.

For more on the kinds of home renovations to avoid when you’re thinking about selling in the near future, or to learn about any of our homes for sale, speak to the real estate agents at Daybreak Living today.

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