Cutting Costs During a Home Move

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At Daybreak Real Estate, we’re here to bring you the full experience as Daybreak realtors. We have a huge range of homes for sale and rent, from under-$300k options to new construction homes and much more, and we’ll walk you through every step of your process to get you in the property of your dreams.

We can also offer our real estate expertise in several related areas, including the move itself once you’ve chosen a great new home. We know this is an area where many people are looking to cut costs after putting most of their realistic resources into a mortgage – with that in mind, here are some cost-saving tips for moving into a new home.

cutting costs home move

Smart Seasons

While it’s not always possible to target a particular month or time of the year for moving, there are also situations where you have plenty of control here. If that’s the case, we recommend moving in the cooler season between October and April – you do face the slightly higher risk of inclement weather, yes, but the best value for numerous moving-related costs comes during this down season.

On the flip side, the busier summer season is considered the peak for moving. Things like truck rentals, moving services and other related areas will be more expensive. One other tip: If you can arrange to move on a weekday, rather than during the week, this can save you a bit here and there.

Shed the Fluff

Moving is often a great time to take realistic stock of which possessions in the home are truly needed and which can be discarded. We recommend working from large to small here – go with your bigger pieces like carpets and furniture first, then move down to smaller boxed items. If it helps, use a color-code or some other organizational system to keep things in order.

From here, you have to consider what to do with items being discarded. If they’re in the proper condition, you might consider donating clothes or old items that are useful. If not, consider either storage units or simply trashing them.


You might be tempted to hire movers, but if you’re looking to save funds, this is one big area to consider doing on your own. You can source your own paper and bubble wrap, plus boxes and other materials.

If you do hire your own moving company, shop around a bit. Read online reviews and take recommendations from friends or family who have moved recently to find the best bang for your buck.

Box Considerations

If you’re moving yourself, consider buying used moving boxes. These are often offered by moving companies or on various online classified ads (you can even post your own if needed). Inspect the condition of these boxes when purchasing them, but so long as they aren’t in badly worn down shape, they’ll do just as well as buying new boxes for a much higher price.

For more on cutting costs on your move, or to learn about any of our houses for sale, speak to the pros at Daybreak Real Estate today.

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