Electrical Fixtures to Evaluate in a Home for Sale

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There are several features or components you'll want to keep a close eye on when considering homes for sale, and one of these is the electric setup the home carries. From their basic meters and service panels to their connections to the local power grid, a brief inspection of the electrical components in a home you're considering is a must. 

At Daybreak Living, we're proud to offer a wide range of homes for sale, including regular new listings for homes, condos, townhomes and other dwelling types. We're also happy to help our clients with numerous tips and areas of expertise for when they're evaluating their home options, including those wondering about electrical systems when considering different homes. Here are some of the basic elements you should be looking at in this situation.

electrical fixtures home sale

Electric Meter

An electric meter is the device that measures the amount of energy used by a household within a specific time frame. The meter has an arm that moves to display the number of kilowatt-hours used, which is then recorded on paper or stored in memory for future reference. There are three different kinds of electric meters you may encounter.

The standard single-phase or split-phase electric meter is the most common type of meter found in homes. It can measure energy consumption up to 2,400 watts. A three-phase meter, as its name suggests, could be used for higher power levels and would have multiple pairs of reading coils.

The digital or electronic electric meter is now becoming more prevalent than the standard single-phase meter. Digital meters are now installed in homes as a replacement for older style meters and to take advantage of their modern features.

Main Service Panel

In addition, you'll want to look into the location of the main service panel, also called the breaker box or circuit breaker panel. This component sits outside the home and contains a series of fuses or breakers that control the flow of electricity going into your house. A schematic map inside the box shows which circuit breaker controls a particular section of wiring, lighting or other electrical system throughout the house.

Homeowners should know that free inspections are often available from local utility companies. During the inspection, a member of the power company's staff can analyze your home's electric components and help identify any problems you might have with your current setup. They may suggest upgrades or repairs, too.

Electrical Boxes

Finally, take the time to understand where various electrical boxes will be located -- and make sure they work, as well. Common types of electrical box include outlets, switches, fixtures like lights and fans, and a few others.

For more on how to evaluate the electrical setup of a home you're considering, or to learn about any of our homes for sale in Daybreak, Utah, speak to the staff at Daybreak Living today.

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