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Posted by Help Now on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 at 12:16pm.

We have all scrolled through pictures of house listings and said to ourselves, "this house needs too much work", before ever stepping foot in the door.  Not every home buyer can see beyond their initial impression of a home and realize the potential...not every buyer's agent can either.  Nearly every home that goBE Realty lists, has a paint and carpet check done by our in-house designer before ever listing it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).   That's a unique service we provide to ensure our sellers get top dollar for their home. According to a new research from Zillow, certain paint colors can increase a home's value by as much as $5000.00.  Here's the correlation between paint colors, values, and rooms to use a guide to make sure your home is ready to sell for top dollar.  Painting your bathroom a light blue can result in an increase of 1.6% sales prices.  Jewel tones, specifically deeper and moodier shades of blue in the master bedroom also proved to be a sales booster, netting sellers an additional $1500.  Blues, grays, greens, and whites are timeless and calming colors that help evoke the perception of a "clean slate".  In more common spaces like living and family rooms and kitchens, buyers are willing to pay top dollar for neutral tones.  Shades of white in the kitchen are most popular and beige and grays are safe for family and living rooms.  As a "rule of thumb", avoid using bright and vibrant colors such as red or yellow, especially in the kitchen as this could decrease your value by nearly $1500.00

Choosing paint is personal and you should pick colors that speak to your style.  If you're a thinking of selling in the near future, keep these tips in mind for the best chance of getting top dollar for your home and to avoid having the dreaded task of repainting.  Maybe consider only painting an accent wall if you are set on choosing a color that would go beyond what designers consider "safe and tasteful".  

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