How to Sell Your Property in Daybreak, Utah When You Have Pets

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No matter how much we love our pets, the fact is that not everyone does. If you’re trying to sell property in Daybreak, Utah that you’ve been sharing with a furry friend, there are some steps you’re going to want to take to ensure that your home appeals to everyone, not just animal lovers.

How to Sell Property in Daybreak, Utah with Pets

Odor Removal

Your nose may have become accustomed to the smells associated with pet ownership in your home, but buyers will be able to smell evidence of pets right away. And scented candles or air fresheners won’t cut it. Not only are some buyers put off by perfumey smells, but covering up pet odor is not nearly as effective as removing it.

To deodorize your home, start by replacing your air filters. Then you’re going to want to tackle the carpets, rugs, curtains, upholstery, throw pillows and more. Depending on the intensity of the odor, you can hire a professional cleaning service, or do it yourself. If you opt for DIY, baking soda and special pet odor-neutralizing fabric sprays are key.

After you’ve taken steps to remove pet odors from your home, ask a trusted friend to come over to take a whiff of your newly deodorized home. They’ll be able to tell right away whether there’s more work to be done.

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is necessary for anyone selling their home, but it is especially crucial for pet owners. As clean as your furry friend may be, buyers do not want to see any pet hair when they visit your home for a showing or open house. Vacuum carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture. Remove any pet supplies, such as crates, litter boxes, toys, or food bowls. If there’s something that really can’t be removed, such as a larger fish tank, make sure it is as clean as can be. Check for pet damage on upholstery, furniture, baseboard, and floors. Anything that is soiled or has scratches or bite marks should be repaired or removed.

The deep clean also applies to your yard. Whether your pet has been digging holes, gnawing at grass or other plants, or leaving waste behind, it’s crucial that all pet evidence is removed from your yard. Curb appeal is a big part of selling your home, and immediate evidence of pets can be a turnoff for buyers.

What to Do with Your Pet When Showing Your Property in Daybreak, Utah

You’re going to want to do everything you can to have your pet out of the house during showings and open houses. First of all, no matter how well-behaved your pet may be, having strangers constantly parading through your home might be stressful to your pet. They may even lash out unexpectedly, which could be a liability for you. Additionally, potential buyers could have anywhere from mild to severe pet allergies or phobias. During showings and open houses, try to have your pet stay with a friend or family member, or send them to animal daycare.

Selling your home may sound daunting, but Daybreak Living is your go-to real estate agent in Daybreak, Utah. Their real estate experts will help you turn your home from pet-friendly to buyer-friendly.

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