Daybreak Neighborhood Experts

What's a Neighborhood Expert?

Utah Dave hand selected the top agents in each area across the state after he analyzed their statistics and reputation. He did this because he noticed whenever the public interviewed agents they always heard the same thing. Each agent claimed to be a top producer, has the best marketing and/or negotiating skills, and the best service or fees. Those statements are all relative. So how did people choose who to use? They guessed. Guessing time is over. Neighborhood Experts sell 400% more homes than the average real estate agent. How do we do that? Simple, we designed our company to hold us accountable at putting you as number 1! That's where it starts!


What Sets a Neighborhood Expert Apart?

  • Sell 400% more homes than the average real estate agent.
  • Full Time and Highly Experienced. (No part timers or hobbyists.)
  • Full time staff and assistants to handle details.
  • They are Experts and Specialize in local neighborhoods!
  • Inquiries on your home online are answered within 5 minutes!
  • Our experts partner with our other experts in other areas.
  • Our experts partnership ensures you getting the expertise needed.
  • Marketing systems are highly efficient at selling your home.
  • Knowledge of who is selling in your area and who is looking to buy.
  • They are highly connected to other experts in other local markets.
  • Dedicated to serving you and making the process better for you!
  • Experience at overcoming objections and obstacles.
  • When someone calls on your home for sale....the phone gets picked up!
  • Ability to show homes within 15 minutes.
  • Fast, responsive, highly efficient and connected!
  • Dedicated staff to assist you even when they are at an appointment.
  • They serve and volunteer. They help build your community.
  • Company designed to hold us accountable at keeping you #1

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Dave Robison, REALTOR® Broker / Neighborhood Expert


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