Natural Light Themes When Browsing New Homes

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When touring and browsing potential new homes, areas like size, layout, appliances and others tend to be the top priority. These major areas define much of the home’s value and comfort, so naturally they’re among the first that are considered.

At Daybreak Living, we’re here to tell you about an underrated factor if you’re looking to buy a home: Natural light. The sun’s rays are both a primary heat source and a provider of major light and visibility throughout a given home, impacting areas ranging from basic aesthetics to health. Let’s go over why natural light matters, how you can assess the natural light in a prospective home, and your options for increasing natural light presence.

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Multiple Benefits of Natural Light

Natural light presence in a home has multiple distinct benefits:

  • Aesthetics and ambiance: Natural light is a clean lighting option that replaces the need for man-made light in several areas.
  • Cost savings: With the right utilization of natural light, you can lower your monthly HVAC and electric bill.
  • Health: Exposure to sunlight improves several areas of health, from sleep patterns to those with seasonal affective disorder (a form of depression). Sunlight is associated with major mood improvement in many people who suffer from seasonal concerns.

Home Orientation

If you’re touring a home, getting an idea of its natural light involves observing its general direction and orientation. Which major windows or open spaces face in the direction of sunlight at common hours? If possible, it’s best to try and view the home multiple times, each during a different part of the day, to get an idea of how the sun’s rays will make their way into the home. Do your best to estimate how changing seasons – which impact sun position in the sky – will change things here.

Options for Improving Natural Light

If you’re touring a home that doesn’t initially appear to have the right amounts of natural light, don’t be discouraged. There are a few methods that could be available to you for increasing natural light if you end up buying the home:

  • Window treatments: In many cases, drapes or other window treatments will be what’s blocking the natural light. In others, half-window treatments will be the best combination of privacy and natural light. If the home has blinds, be sure to keep them open during sunny hours.
  • Reflection themes: Some who truly prioritize natural light will use mirrors and reflection to bounce some sunlight around. Another option here is reflective paint, which is available in several colors. Lighter furniture options can also help.
  • Outdoor spaces: If minor changes on the interior aren’t enough, consider additions like patios, porches or sun-rooms that will open up a whole new living space with tons of natural light.

For more on natural light in prospective homes, or to learn about any of our home listings, speak to the staff at Daybreak Living today.

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