Improving Home Offer Without Increasing Dollar Amount

Posted by Help Now on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 at 7:21am.

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on how to improve your home offer without necessarily increasing the monetary amount. While offering more money is the simplest way to improve a home offer, there are other variables you can also alter to make an offer stand out from others to a seller facing several.

improving home offer dollar amount

At Daybreak Living, we're happy to help with numerous parts of the homebuying process, from identifying ideal homes for sale to assistance with financing, such home offers and related areas. We've assisted a variety of clients with all the ins and outs of purchasing a home, including those who are offering in a competitive market and are trying to improve the quality of their offer in subtle ways. Here are a few additional methods to consider.

Being Flexible

When sellers are sifting through multiple offers on their property, one factor that tends to stand out to many is convenience. Much of this relates to closing – sellers don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of time dealing with closing on their sale, which can happen if a buyer's offer is discombobulated or lacks details.

In many cases, if other elements of the deal are mostly similar, sellers will gravitate to the offers that make life simplest for them. This will often be a buyer who is flexible with closing dates and can offer a solid window of time; in other cases, it might be a buyer who fits into unique circumstances that match the seller's needs. In both these situations, being flexible with your closing needs where possible is a great tool.

Inspection Convenience

Home inspections are part of the homebuying process that both buyers and sellers are expecting. But as they are usually organized by the buyer, this is another area where you can differentiate yourself.

Specifically, most purchase offers from the buyer include an inspection contingency – a basic agreement that the terms of the deal are contingent upon the inspection not revealing any major issues. As a buyer, you can make this contingency simpler for the seller through methods like shortening the inspection period or being very specific about the dates, all of which makes their life easier in an area they'd rather not spend lots of time dealing with.

Limit Demands and Contingencies

There are also several other contingencies that may be part of the purchase offer, from home warranties to various other allowances – some buyers will request certain furniture is left as part of the deal, for instance, or other varying desires. But if you're looking to make as simple and convenient an offer as possible, we recommend limiting these contingencies to only the very most important elements. There's no need to burden a seller with dozens of minuscule issues, especially if you know they have other offers and this might detract from how they view yours.

For more on making your home offer more competitive in any homebuying situation, or to learn about any of our homes for sale, speak to the staff at Daybreak Living today.

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