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Submit tips about crimes online at by clicking here or by phone by calling the Anonymous Crime Hotline at (801) 253-5281 or Anonymous Drug Line at (801) 253-6300. ** Emergencies should still be reported by calling 911 **

Code Enforcement Rules:

  • City code requires all watercraft, trailers, campers, motor homes, etc., be stored behind the front line of the home, except for a 72-hour period (for loading/unloading, etc.). Daybreak HOA rules do not allow for storing the above anywhere on-site except fully-contained within the garage, other than the same time period for loading/unloading.
  • Inoperable or dismantled vehicles cannot be stored on private or public property for more than 72 hours unless stored in a completely-enclosed building (i.e., garage).
  • Commercial vehicles over 8,000 pounds cannot be parked or stored unless used in conjunction with construction at the site.
  • South Jordan Code Compliance Officer: (801) 254-3742
  • To send an online request to the city about an abandoned vehicle, loose animal, noise disturbance, parking issue, pothole/road repair, street light, street sign, traffic light and many other things, click here.
  • To report graffiti call South Jordan Police Non-Emergency Dispatch: (801) 840-4000
  • Also, report any graffiti on HOA-owned property so that it can be removed: (801) 254-8062
  • To report loose animals or check if your lost animal was found: South Jordan Animal Control: (801) 254-4708
  • For emergency animal related calls outside normal hours, please call police dispatch at (801) 840-4000. (These would include: injured and bleeding animals, animals attacking people, etc.)
  • If your garbage or recyclables were not picked up, please contact Ace Recycling and Disposal at (801) 363-9995.
  • If your container is missing, damaged, to start or discontinue trash or recycle service, or to request additional cans, or for any other questions, please contact South Jordan City at (801) 254-3742.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about city snow removal can be found here.