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Trade up and sell your home guaranteed! It's not easy to take all the right steps when buying or selling a home. If you want to sell a home and buy a new home at the same time, you can take advantage of our innovative Smooth Moves Program!

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Trade Up and Sell Your Home Guaranteed!

It's not easy to take all the right steps when buying or selling a home.

  • You could end up owning two homes and paying two mortgages.
  • You could put a lot of money down on a new home and lose it because you haven't sold your current home.
  • You could have people interested in buying your home but they can't sell their own home.

If you  want to sell a home and buy a new home at the same time, use the Smooth Moves program!

With Utah Dave®’s TRADE UP program you can buy a home and sell your current home guaranteed! Buy your new home with confidence and receive a guaranteed market price for your current home.

If you buy and sell with Utah Dave®, you will enjoy a Smooth Move.

Your Guaranteed Price and Time Frame

The first thing to do is have the home you would like to sell evaluated by a Utah Dave. Utah Dave® will complete the evaluation and send you information regarding the chances of your home selling. You will receive detailed information about the homes recently sold in your area and homes that are currently on the market. With this information you will be able to review market history and housing forecasts. We will provide you with secrets on how to sell your home for more money!

After the review, you will be able to make a decision for yourself. Is now the right time for you to sell and trade up? If it is, we will provide a guaranteed sales price (established from the home evaluation) along with the estimated length of time it will take to tell your home.

Your home will also be more marketable because it has the Smooth Moves Guarantee.

Selling Your Home to People Who Have a Home to Sell.

Many sellers are hesitant to sell their home to someone with their house still on the market. It can cause complications in the buying process, and delay closing. But with the Smooth Moves program you won't be caught in that trap. You know your home will close and sell in the timeframe that we laid out, because we will list the home of the buyers with our Trade Up Guarantee. If their house hasn't sold when you're ready to close, we will buy their house so they can move into your home. This makes your home more desirable to buy than others.

So how can Utah Dave offer this?  

Last year in analyzing the top producers in Salt Lake County, Utah Dave came out on top! Why is it important to know this?  Because when it comes to selling your home, you want to make sure you are making the most money for your home for the least amount of pain.  Utah Dave beat the other top producers by selling more of his listings and by selling them faster!  Utah Dave listings sold 50% faster with Utah Dave Listings  averaging 15 days on the market.  Where some top producers only sold 50-75% of their listings that they took for the year, Utah Dave outsold them by selling more his listings then they did.  Utah Dave has done what other agents haven't.  He has sold 168 homes that other agents couldn't sell.  He sold a home that the appraisal came in $65,000 low.  The list goes on.  He is the guy that other top real estate agents have gone to for help to sell their own homes.

Does my home have to be in South Jordan?  

Utah Dave according to Zillow recently sold more homes in Salt Lake County than any other agent. Utah Dave® also sold more listings in Lehi, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Herriman, and Riverton than any other agent. If your area isn't an area that we can sell in, we will hook you up with the right person.

Move Free with Utah Dave®

When you buy or sell a home with Utah Dave®, you move for free. You won't have to hassle with a moving truck company to arrange your move. Utah Dave® provides a free moving truck for all of his local clients.*

*Restrictions may apply, ask for details.

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